Family is the most important thing in life and a popular thing to do to expand your family is to get a dog. As man's best friend, they can bring a lot to a person's life. Here are six reasons why a dog will make your life much more enjoyable. 

Relieve your stress

By playing with your dog, your stress will alleviate and you'll feel a sense of joy and calm wash over you. This is because your brain secretes higher levels of serotonin and dopamine, which are neurotransmitters linked to calmness and pleasure. Life is great when your dog is staring at you with those big eyes, wagging its tail. 

Increased responsibility

Your dog relies on you for everything. Being fed, let outside to go to the bathroom, and going to the vet are examples of things that your dog needs your help to do. This increases the level of responsibility in your life. Being responsible for something increases your purpose and drive in life. Also, it is an extra incentive to go on walks or runs, which allows you to get a great workout in. 

A friend when your feeling sad

Your dog will always be by your side through thick and thin. They are a shoulder to cry on or someone to vent to when you need it. Amazingly, dogs can smell your body’s chemistry and they react to it accordingly. So, if you are feeling down, your dog will come to you in an appropriate manner and be there for you. Give your dog a hug to increase your mood. Another great thing about dogs is that you can train them for specific purposes. Dogs have been known to learn how to detect when an epileptic seizure is about to occur and be able to bring certain medications to a person in need. 

Feel protected

A dog is hardwired to protect the ones they care about—you! Harry Phoenix, who is a pet writer from Australia 2 Write and Next CourseWork reminds you that, “it doesn’t matter if your dog is big or small, they will try and protect you all the same.” A dog will bite if they feel that their loved one is in danger and that sometimes is all that is needed to deter a criminal. 

A source of entertainment

Dogs are so much fun to be around. Whether it is playing with them, teaching them new tricks, or just watching them be silly, dogs are not dull. You will not be feeling lonely when you’ve got your best friend rolling around on the ground right beside you. Teaching them knew tricks is good for both the owner and the dog. Allow your dog to become more disciplined and well behaved by teaching them hallmark tricks like sit or stay or the more fun ones like roll-over and shake-a-paw. This will offer you hours of entertainment at no cost!

Social Interaction

If you love your dog and respect them as a member of the family, it is important that you take them out for exercise. This doesn’t just have to be for their benefit, it can be for yours as well. Taking them to a dog park can be a great social experience for the owner. You have other owners that will be there for the same purpose and sparking up a conversation about each others dog is a great icebreaker. You know for sure you have something in common which can earn you a new friend. You don’t just have to go to the dog park for your dog to get exercise. If you have a friend that has a dog, you can meet up and have the dogs play together while you two catch up. There are so many ways that a dog can help give you the incentive to be social, even when you do not want to be!

Kerry Styles, who is a lifestyle blogger at 1 Day 2 Write and Brit Student as well, explains that “a dog park isn’t just for your dog to be social, it’s also a chance for you to be as well!”