A few days ago, I found a funny meme which made me stop to think for a while. The meme was of a puppy along with an eye catchy quotation- "Give your heart to dogs, they will never break it."   People love dogs for biological and chemical reasons.; research shows that oxytocin, a hormone, releases in both human and dogs during their interaction and this makes their experiences pleasant.

Dogs are loyal and lovesome companions and this friendship will be even more pleasant if your dog gets to live their cushiest life with the best chew proof dog’s bed , the best leash and harness, and are showered with attention. Owning a dog improves their owner's mental peace and physical fitness. Not only that, but owning a dog can help tremendously if you have children. A child can learn about responsibility, help them with their social skills, and also aid in their physical and mental.

Ensures Healthy Family Life

Researchers did a study where they examined the impact of children and their pet dogs' relationships on other human relations like parent-child, friendships, etc. Ninety children, aged from 9 to 10 years, attended the experiment and completed a questionnaire regarding relationships with their pet dogs, parents, and friends. In this assessment, they found – children who had a closer relationship with their dogs had better relationships with their parents and fewer disputes with their friends.

Perpetual Escort

Probably, you are thinking - your children only find amusement in owning a dog. But the companionship of a dog can create a long-lasting effect far beyond your imagination. Not so surprisingly, children think of their pet dog as their friend and can often seek support from their pet companion. A dog provides a perpetual escort through the whole their entire childhood . For kids, dogs can be a source of solace.

Young kids have to struggle hard enough to find a position in this competitive world. In this regard, petting and cuddling dogs can help them combat the feelings of loneliness and also encourage empathy. A researcher has stated, "You can always talk to the dog, and the dog is not going to judge you." So we can acknowledge dogs offer non-judgmental company and unflattering allegiance.

Nourishes Responsibility

Adopting a dog is a huge responsibility and you cannot take it frivolously. Bringing a new member to the family introduces the practice of caring for another while also building a lifetime of memories for your children. As your new dog becomes a part and a child's life, they will remain aware of keeping their companion healthy. They start to learn about the necessary nurturing methods with respect to a living being such as food, water, vaccination, exercise, etc.

Ensuring the adopted dog to is fed and watered properly is the first phase of liability. Kids learn about care, by taking care of their pets. You will be glad to know; researchers have found such kinds of pet-owner relationship has a tremendous influence on children's long-term adjustment.

Enhances Childhood Life

Petting and cuddling a dog can make one's childhood more adventurous and joyful. So, undoubtedly, the most significant advantage of rearing a dog at an early age is having a happier childhood.  It has been said that interaction with pet animals like dogs boosts levels of serotonin and dopamine; these hormones assist in generating positive feelings.

Apart from all the scientific theories, we think it's easy to deduce that the happier the childhood, the brighter the future a child will have. 

Protects Health

During 2010, a study showed that a kid playing with his or her dog eleven minutes a day is healthier than a child not having any pet. Exercising with dogs also accelerates a child's motor skills along with overall activities. In more research, held in 2012, American Academy of Pediatrics said children with early contact with dogs have better health and fewer respiratory and ear diseases and require fewer antibiotic treatments.

It has also been found that growing up with dogs reduce your child's allergies risk.  


Most children are fond of dogs and growing up with a dog will enhance a child's life in numerous ways. Though, some issues need to be checked out before owning a dog.


It is a beautiful thing to watch the kids and dogs grow up together, but for some children, contact with dogs can be problematic. Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America (AAFA) stated, at least fifteen percent of children with allergies are are allergic to pets like dogs. So, if your baby is allergy prone, before owning a pet, please consult with a doctor

Set of laws

Before adopting a dog, check with your council whether they have any local laws or not that may apply for dog ownership. If you break any laws such as microchipping, registration and confinement of dogs to your property, you can be fined.  


In conclusion, owning a dog isn't just an fun prospect, as it can also play a vital role in your child's development. The thrill of rearing another creature and eventually becoming a best friend is comparable to nothing; these experiences form lifetime memories. Adopting a dog for your family will be worthwhile not just for you, but also for your children!

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