When it comes to dressing our furry family members, it’s best to focus on function and comfort above all else. As much as we can’t get enough of adorable pups in oversized bow ties and funny costumes, these accessories should be reserved for special occasions only. Doggie daily wear should serve a purpose and not get in the way of Fido’s ability to run, jump, play and cuddle. But that doesn’t mean you can’t dress your sweetie in stuff that shows off their big personality. Stick to fun and functional gear that keeps them safe and comfy, like the items listed below.

Restrained Style: A Stylish Harness  

Restrain your pet, not their style, with a cute no-pull harness that keeps them by your side no matter what’s on the agenda. Ideal for high-energy adult dogs and adventurous puppies alike, a harness safely encourages your pup to heel no matter where their curious snouts may lead them. But harnesses also add color and fun to your pet’s look while reflecting you and Fido’s sense of style. Grab a chic reversible dog harness with two designs in one to show their multifaceted personality! 

Sweater Weather: A Cozy Dog Hoodie

According to the American Kennel Club (AKC), some dogs, especially those of certain breeds and age groups, may be uncomfortable in the winter without a jacket or sweater. If you’ve got a pup with a shorter, thinner coat (Frenchies, chihuahuas, greyhounds and whippets), one who sits low to the ground (corgis), a breed with clipped or shorn hair (poodles) or a senior dog, they probably get colder than the average pup when the weather is nippy. Express your sense of style with a warm dog hoodie in a cute style.

Hotel-Grade Style: A Luxe Pet Bed

Design-oriented dog owners know that, try as we might, it’s nearly impossible to avoid cluttering up your space with dog gear and extras. That’s why it’s so important that their at-home items, such as the place where they rest their heads, reflect the style and vibe of your home. Don’t settle for basic pet store dog beds. Whether your interior décor leans hyper-modern and minimalist or over-the-top luxury, there’s a high-end dog bed to honor it. Find chic styles made with cozy faux fur, rustic suede or even rich mahogany.

A pug on a dogbed

Chic Essentials: A Cute Collar

Your pup’s collar is no doubt his most-worn accessory. In fact, you really shouldn’t take it off unless they’re getting groomed. That means you need one that really functions at its best and shows your pet’s sense of style every day in every setting. We always recommend picking an adjustable style made with polyester webbing that will withstand plenty of swims, hikes and fetch sessions. Polyester webbing is also a great material for those who like bright, colorful designs and prints, as it comes in lots of vibrant colors.

On the Catwalk: A High-Style Leash

A stylish leash and a polished gait are all you need to turn your neighborhood’s sidewalk into a doggie runway! Gone are the days of the basic retractable leash or simple leather style. These days, you can find tons of eye-catching and trendy dog leads that reflect a refined or bold sense of style. Just make sure to pick one that’s sized right and tough enough for your pup. Top it off with a cute poop bag holder for an extra pop of functional style.

Classic and Cute: A Functional Bandana

The bandana is the O.G. pet accessory and it’s never going out of style! While standard fabric bandanas don’t do much besides look cute, there are lots of functional canine bandanas that add style and functionality. For example, many pet boutiques sell cooling dog bandanas made with high-performance material that cools when wet. This can help prevent your pup from overheating in the summer and can also make them look totally chic when strutting down the sidewalk or socializing at the dog park.

Jet-Setter: A Designer Pet Carrier

Think of your pet carrier not as a function-only essential that gets your pet from point A to point B safely. Instead, consider it a high-style piece of luggage, just like your own personal carry-on or handbag. There are so many high-end designer options out there — Louis Vuitton makes one, but it’ll run you a cool $3,000 — but that doesn’t mean you have to put up a paw and a hind leg. Browse local pet boutiques or even Etsy to find some ultra-chic styles made with leather, suede, rhinestones and other luxurious materials.

A dog in a handbag

Five-Star Dining: Artful Dog Bowls

You probably put a ton of time into selecting your own dinnerware and table accessories, so why skimp on your four-legged sweetie’s? Since dog bowls can be crafted from materials like ceramic or stoneware, you can often find gorgeous, handmade food and water dishes made by local artists and creators that are a bit more inspired than the standard stainless steel or plastic. Pick some doggie dinnerware that matches your own dining set or kitchen décor! 

Ultimately, your pet’s style is a reflection of your own. After all, research confirms that dogs really do tend to look and dress like their owners. It’s a scientific phenomenon driven by our intense bonds with our four-legged family members (and a little bit of healthy narcissism, of course). Picking pup accessories that serve a purpose and showcase your personal style is a great way to show how much you adore your canine mini-me.