Animal lovers long to have a reliable and fun-loving pet around. When it comes to pets, most people choose dogs over any other animal. The immense loyalty and innocence that every dog reflects are beyond mesmerizing. If you’re planning to get your first pup soon, you might want to know a few things beforehand. Pets call for regular care, attention, and lots of time. You must sit back and analyze whether you can handle the responsibility that comes with a dog. From regular veterinary checkups to essential grooming and healthcare, you must take care of every aspect without making excuses.

Keep reading to know the things that you must consider before getting your animal companion. 

Do Breed Research

Just like any other species on earth, dogs come in different shapes and sizes. You must avoid grabbing the first dog you see at the pet store and read more about dog breeds. Diverse dog breeds require different environments, food, as well as space. You might not be able to adjust well with a particular breed of dog due to lifestyle issues. Consider talking to your family and settle with the right breed based on a few factors. You must look out for the right size of apartments, surroundings, and the size of your family. All these factors play a crucial role in fetching the suitable type of dog for you. You might also do some research about Pet Life and the ideal home environment for different breeds. 

Veterinary Healthcare 

Every animal requires regular veterinary checkups as they are quite prone to environmental hazards. Before you get your pup home, find a reliable vet near your place. Also, you must follow certain veterinary care for your animal companion to ensure his salubrity. One of the most crucial things after getting a pet is proper and timely vaccinations. Other than this, make sure to go for a veterinary consultation every month to rule out the common ailments. Some diseases that your dog might suffer from are canine distemper, parvovirus, kennel cough, and heartworms. Also, online resources like and might help in diagnosing simple diseases. 

Requires Time & Efforts 

Taking care of a dog requires lots of time and effort on your end. You might need to prioritize their needs before your own sometimes. From daily pet care to physical training, everything calls for the proper time and routine. Also, you must reschedule your day and include your animal companion in the same. Once you get the dog, you must include him in every activity you do. In case you fail to spend enough time, your dog might develop certain psychiatric abnormalities. Veterinary experts state that many dogs go through separation anxiety and depression due to limited social interaction. It causes unexpected barking, urinating, disturbed sleeping patterns, and other unusual symptoms so make sure to take out enough time for your pet.

Proper Training 

Right after you get your first puppy, you need to start the house training. Your dog doesn’t know where to urinate or sleep. Hence, you must perform adequate training to teach them the right places for different activities. Such training calls for the utmost patience, time, and efforts by the owner. You can’t just give up just because your pup takes way longer to learn the basic stuff. Make sure to get a dog crate and teach him to relax inside it. Also, call your dog by his name always for proper conditioning. Another great piece of advice is to reward your dog every time he does something as you taught him. 

Reliable Accessories 

Dogs require several accessories for proper growth and lifestyle. You must grab the essential accessories before getting your dog home. Some options to consider are a sturdy leash, durable collar, and food and water bowl. Other than this, you might also require an ID tag and a rabies tag for proper identification. If you’re planning to get a puppy, make sure to grab some interesting dog toys to entertain them now and then. Also, a comfortable and cushioned dog bed is essential to ensure safe and sound sleep for your new family member. 

A dog on a couch in a living room

Dog-Proof Your House 

Things that are safe and non-lethal for you might not be harmless for your animal companion. You must analyze your house for toxic items that are likely to harm the newcomer. From poisonous plants to toxic disinfectants, you must clear them all beforehand. Other than this, you must get rid of hanging cords and blinds while dog proofing the house. Most houses have expensive and luxurious furniture; while you might not be able to get rid of them, you can always grab some sturdy covers and secure the quality. In the end, train your dog to stay away from certain things that might cause injuries or harm to him. 

Grooming Routine 

Along with regular baths and care, your dog also requires grooming sessions now and then. While the pet might not like it at first, you must start with short sessions and increase the duration. During the grooming session, you must get rid of their long nails and overgrown fur. You might also cut short their body hair to keep the skin irritation and parasites like ticks away. Try cleaning the ears, hair, and area around the eyes as well for proper protection against bacterial contamination. You might end the grooming session with a nice bath using some herbal pet body gel with an attractive fragrance. 

Bottom Line 

Getting a dog can be quite overwhelming due to the responsibilities that come along with it. You can sail through the initial tough days if you plan things out. Some things to consider are dog accessories, grooming routine, and medical checkups. You can also ensure regular training and dog-proof your house for better protection.