Pet portraits have existed since cave times. They've existed since the day man learned to befriend the animals.

Earlier, it was in the form of stone tablets and whatnot. Today, the art has taken a much-advanced edge and we can see complete pet portraits being painted.

Perhaps, the idea got a major boost from artists like Pablo Picasso, Charles M. Schulz, and Andy Warhol. These painters used their pets as their muse.

With that said, it still brings a lot of questions to the head? Why would one need to get their pet a custom pet portrait? Well, here in this article, we'll explore the very subject!

Pets Are a Part of Your Family

Firstly and quite highly importantly, pets are not just some furry animals. These creatures live with you and love you. They associate with you and even have their moods and habits influenced by yours. They are indeed much easier to tame and control as compared to your human family. But only because they demand less input from your end doesn't mean they are any less important. They are a part of your family, and that's that!

On that note, you click pictures of your family. Don't you? You do things with your family, give them gifts, and enjoy making everlasting memories and make them feel special. Pet portraits can serve the same purpose. These frames can help your furry friends feel more valued at your home.

Pet Portraits Provide Long-lasting Memories

As mentioned earlier, pet portraits can be a means of making memories with your pets. But it makes one wonder, in what sense?

Pets may be able to sense that you've done something important for them. But they cannot appreciate the gesture because they don't fully understand it. Then again, what memories do we refer to? 

Well, it's all in the process! When you ask a skilled artist to paint a portrait of your cat or dog, they will ask you for a perfect picture. 

For this, you will most likely take your pet outdoors for a short trip in the nearby park and click some pictures. You may even have a professional pet photographer do the job.

But it is in this very experience that you will learn a lot about your pet. They will learn more about you. Both of you will have loads of fun together!

Some artists may ask you to have your pet sit still in front of them for painting purposes. But that's very rare since there's hardly ever an animal that would stay stable in one position for a long time. Plus, no artist's got so much free time these days anyway.

Portraits Can Help Customize Your Pet's Room.

Custom pet portraits can add a personalized touch to your pet's room or space. Whether you have a dedicated corner for your pet in your house or an entire dedicated room, the presence of their portrait there will bring in a greater sense of ownership in them. 

With their specific portrait there, both you and the pet will get accustomed to a healthy feeling, i.e., their space in your house cannot belong to just any cat or dog. It belongs to them specifically. And that will, of course, strengthen the bond both ways.

Portraits Help Preserve the Personality Your Dog

In the aspect above, we highlighted how custom touches to your pets' space can boost their confidence in you. Similarly, portraits can also help your pet acquire greater confidence in themselves.

A picture perfectly captures personality. So, a portrait will bring in a better perception of self. And it will also serve as a reminder to you in your life of all the emotions that your furry pal used to hold inside.

Pet Portraits Help Track Pet Families

In case you plan to keep generations and generations of pets, pet portraits can help keep track. If you've got a portrait of each dog in the family line, you could easily tell who was the son, the father, and even the great-great-grandfather. It'll help you maintain a better record of names and their breed lineage.

Pet Portraits are a Point of Interest in Social Gatherings!

When guests see pet portraits at your home when gathered together, you will see them taking an interest to know more about it. It gives off a dedicated, sweet, and warm impression. And more often than not, rarities like pet portraits help bridge the gap in conversations. You'll be super thankful when it helps avoid awkward silences.

Pet Portraits Can Help Voice Your Noble Cause

Say you're a social activist fighting for some noble pet-relevant cause. In such a scenario, a pet portrait in your lounge or guest room will help fuel your campaign. Sweet and dedicated gestures like these speak for the authenticity of your feelings and intentions.

Final Thoughts

All in all, pet portraits can prove to be a very sweet and worthy investment. When initiating the whole process, you might feel like being a bit extra and going overboard. But trust us, it will all be worth it!