Did you know? Chihuahuas are named after Mexico's largest state, i.e., Chihuahua. That's exactly where they originate from. 

Like its namesake state, this dog breed is big. But only in terms of personality. In terms of size, they are super small!

Even so, Chihuahuas' sassy attitude and strong personality have landed the Chi's in the most loved small dogs of all times. If you're planning to get one of these sweet yet fierce creatures, we're happy to inform you that this page holds some super handy insights for you.

Read on to find out more!

Why Chihuahuas?

Before we enlighten you with six uncommon facts about Chihuahuas, let’s first analyze if Chihuahuas are the right pick for you or not.

Chihuahuas are small in size and super active. So, you should get yourself a Chihuahua if you seek constant companionship as well as fun & thrill in everyday life. Their inquisitive and smart nature will keep them exploring things. And hence, they’ll keep you busy too.

Chihuahuas are generally low maintenance in terms of diet and bodily needs. You won’t have to invest your money. But you surely will have to invest your time.

Some Interesting Facts to Know

Now, here are a few necessary things to know before getting a Chihuahua:

Chihuahuas have Zero Tolerance for Low Temperatures.

Unlike other dogs, Chihuahuas have a thinner coat and have a small body mass. Owing to these two physical attributes, Chihuahuas have little to no tolerance for extremely cold weather. Anything below 10 Degree Celsius can cause your pup to develop severe health conditions, including shivering, dehydration, hypothermia, etc.

Hence, you should only get these dogs if your place of residence has a warm or moderate climate for most part of the year. 

But be cautious. Even for warmer climates, you should be willing to buy some socks and sweaters for your pup to deal with the chills of the winter season. 

Winter dog care is not only limited to buying clothes for you little Chihuahua. You should also readjust your pup's schedule. Instead of taking your Chi out in the evenings, take it out for walks when the sun is up and high. Even when indoors, keep your pup active to keep it healthy. 

Chihuahuas are not low-maintenance when it comes to health.

Usually, dogs develop health issues as they age. And that can happen even when you’re taking top-notch care.

It’s because aging brings in issues as your canine pal is a living being too. Its body undergoes just as much damage as it is used.

Chihuahuas are no exception. They, too, face a lot of health issues as they age. However, the percentage of a Chihuahua’s potential health problems is slightly higher than an average dog. That’s because its small body undergoes twice as much work as an average dog.

Your Chihuahua may develop Pulmonic Stenosis, heart murmurs, shivering, Patellar Luxation, etc.

Chihuahuas appreciate proper clothing in winters.

As mentioned earlier, Chihuahuas are small. And so they tend to get cold easily. For that very reason, Chihuahuas appreciate winter clothing. Be it sweaters, mufflers, or socks.

Indeed, they wouldn’t welcome it with open arms. You might have to struggle a bit to get them accustomed to it. But when you do, they will be pleased with it. And you will be too, as it cuts down the development of any serious health issues.

Here’s a cool shop from where you can buy reasonably-priced small size Chihuahua clothes.

Chihuahuas require lots of socialization and communication.

Chihuahuas talk a lot. Barking, yapping, whining, and what not – this small-sized breed considers it a moral responsibility to respond to every noise around them. And since this breed isn’t dumb, they expect communications.

Henceforth, Chihuahuas can serve as ideal service dogs in shelter homes or old homes. But if you wish to keep your Chihuahua in your apartment, you might want to train it to keep quiet at times.

Chihuahuas shed a lot of hair.

Despite having a thin coat, Chihuahuas tend to have a lot of shedding. Most people believe it the other way round, i.e., Chihuahuas don’t shed at all. But that’s not the case!

They do! However, you might not find it much of an issue because they have short hair. If you continue to vacuum regularly, you won’t find it troubling.

Chihuahuas are fierce and genius.

Chihuahuas are intelligent. They have the itch to learn what’s what and how to do things workaround. They are even good at figuring things out by themselves!

At times, you can use it to your advantage by training and taming them according to your ways. But since you can reciprocate the same energy at all times, it may get a bit annoying occasionally.

Along with being curious, Chihuahuas are also obedient and loyal. They won’t agree to what you say blindly, but if you make it make sense and tame them softly, you’ll have them by your side. Note that it means you should be getting a Chihuahua if you can afford to invest time in emotional and physical training and to tame.

Final Thoughts

Chihuahuas are incredible in what they are – small packs of energy. These are an excellent pick for the elderly and young, energetic kids. Young adults and working people might not find this breed as per their needs, but for those who need support and love, Chihuahuas are the best choice!