Dogs are simply perfect. Everything about owning a dog just makes your life so much better. You receive enormous amounts of love every time you two are together. They are loyal, comforting, and full of joy. And for many dog owners, there's nothing better than spending time with their furry friend.

Still, many people have taken their love for their dogs to a whole new level. Dog Instagram accounts are a common thing today, and there are even celebrity puppies with thousands or millions of followers. If you’re considering opening an Instagram account for your dog, we’re here to give you a push in the right direction.

Here are the 6 reasons why your dog needs an  Instagram page today. 

Join The Community

As a true dog lover, your enthusiasm for those little creatures isn't always welcomed with approval. There are many people who lack animal love and refuse to accept that it's possible to love a dog as much as you love some other human being.

This is why you need to find people who understand your love for dogs and potentially even feel the same.

Opening an Instagram account for your dog can help you do just that:

  • connect with other dog lovers 
  • share experiences and ideas
  • enjoy communicating with the people who are on the same page as you

You’ll be happy to surround yourself with loving and caring people who share funny or inspiring stories about their dogs. 

Raise Awareness

Animal rights are deeply important. Still, there are so many people who don’t understand just how easy it is to love a dog or take care of any pet.

You could use your dog’s Instagram account to raise awareness about the importance of taking proper care of your pet. You could publish posts about:

  • regular vet check-ups
  • winter clothes for dogs
  • taking to a dog
  • showing affection
  • understanding why your dog is doing something

People could follow your dog’s Instagram account and learn valuable lessons from you and your dog. It could make an impact on someone and inspire them to be more caring for animals.

Document Your Dog’s Life

Memories are great, especially if you manage to document the best things. While we’re certain that you’re enjoying spending time with your dog, it would be great to cherish those times forever.

So, if you open an Instagram account for your dog, you’ll be:

  • taking more photos
  • making more videos

In other words, you’ll be documenting your dog’s life in a more active manner.

“Instagram is great for creating a digital photo album of your dog’s life. You’ll have these memories saved forever and you’ll be able to come back to them later in the years ahead of you,” says Mathew Pearson, the head of marketing at Studicus.

Show How Dogs Make People’s Lives Better

It's always a great idea to share animal-friendly stories and get more people to love animals unconditionally. Your dog's Instagram page can be about the way dogs make people's lives better.

You could show and write about all of the things that you and your dog do together and how much it contributes to your life.

Topics could cover:

  • dogs for anxiety attacks
  • staying active with your dog
  • spending more time outdoors
  • staying healthy and fit together
  • taking fun road trips and adventures

If there’s anything in your life that your dog inspires you to do, you can share it with the rest of the world. This will get more people to bond with their dogs, adopt a rescue dog or help out dog shelters.

Inspire Volunteer Work

Animal shelters are often the only hope abandoned dogs have. Without those shelters, most of them would get killed on the street, starved, or live a terrible life.

But, shelters need volunteers to help spread their mission.

Your dog’s Instagram page could be great for:

  • advertising animal shelters
  • visiting shelters to get a close look inside
  • invite people to join their local animal shelter

Animals need all the support they can get, and you and your dog might help them get some.

Turn Your Dog Into a Celebrity

You never know what might happen in life since it’s so unpredictable. That’s exactly why your dog could become a celebrity dog over Instagram.

If you manage the account with a certain style or purpose, you might get followers who are there for more than just looking at cute dog pictures.

You could stand for certain animal issues such as:

  • stray dogs and cat
  • animal shelters
  • fundraisers
  • adopting instead of buying
  • stopping animal abuse
  • building homes for abandoned animals
  • releasing chained dogs

You could turn your dog into a symbol of fighting for animal rights and use the account to connect with the right people. 

If you manage to turn your dog’s account into something similar to a pet influencer, make sure you write content that is professional and accurate.

If you need help with this, use online services or tools such as Trust My Paper, Grammarly or Grab My Essay.

Make sure that you do good things with your dog’s Instagram account and focus on spreading love and awareness.

Final Thoughts

If you love your dog and adore being around him, you need to create an Instagram page for him. You'll have so much fun making images and videos together. You'll also be able to turn the page into good use and help other animals in need.

The list above is all the convincing that you need. Don’t wait up and start working on that page today.