Keeping pets - we don’t know who thought of it in the first place, but whoever did, signed us all up for big trouble. Well, don’t take us wrong. We love our fur buddies just as much as you do. But the thing is, when we go against nature, tame the wild as per our conditions, there’s a natural imbalance, causing things to fall apart. 

A survey states that it takes 0.84 hectares of land to keep a medium-sized dog healthy and sufficiently fed. On the contrary, it takes about 0.41 hectares of land to run and drive a 4.6 liters Toyota Land Cruiser for 10,000 km per year (including the energy required to construct it!). Cats and other pets are bringing forth such alarming statistics too.

Hence, it’s becoming extremely important for pet owners to adopt a sustainable means of living for both their pets and themselves. Here are a few measures to help them get a lead:

Pick Pet food Wisely 

We know you want your Tom to lead a healthy life, but give a thought to your human pals too. Both are equally deserving of your considerate measures.

These days the human-grade pet food comprising significant percentages of red meat, fish, and poultry, is gaining immense popularity.  It improvises a pet’s health for good, but it also causes a considerably negative ecological impact. The manufacturing of these foodstuffs requires an investment of natural resources, including land, water, fuel, etc. Hence, it’s best to opt for pet food that utilizes meat by-products.

Opt for Eco-Friendly Pet Products   

Indeed, the urge to purchase all those amazing toys for your furry buddies is irresistible. You want to give them every single thing that makes them happy!

But let’s not forget that as a pet parent, you are responsible for their way of living and practices. So, to ensure a sustainable atmosphere, you should opt for eco-friendly pet products.

There is a diversity of eco-friendly pet items in the market. Shampoos, collars, toys—you can select all those environment-friendly things to make your home more sustainable. 

Limit the Buys 

One more thing that you must remember is to purchase only the products of requirement. Do not purchase things unnecessarily, instead be-wise. Limited buying is an effective and eco-friendly step as you would not be wasting things. 

Another approach towards the concept of limited buying is to opt for innovative products that merge the function of two gadgets into one.  For example, Fandelier is a unique pet-friendly home product that serves as a fan and a decoration item.

Conserve Water 

Hot tubs of water please the four-legged just as much as they please us. But it’s about time that all inhabitants of Earth realize that we need to conserve our water reserves. It’s only a few decades before we will be considering swimming is a luxurious sport.

Thus, cut down on your use! Transition your current home into a sustainable pet-friendly home by saying no to tub-baths. Opt for a hose-shower in your backyard instead. It will not only assist the conservation of water but will also make the entire process a whole lot easier!

Litter Care 

Litter and the environment – the two have a lot to with one another. And we’re guessing that you would know!

Unattended and exposed-to-environment cat and dog waste can pollute waterways, cause diseases, and have an overall adverse effect on the environment. Plus, it causes discomfort for people too. Be it within the premises of your house or outside. Hence, it is always best to pick up after your pet, even if it’s in an area where people may not pass by. You’ve taken the responsibility upon yourself, and it’s best if you go about it thoroughly.

Also, we recommend the use of biodegradable bags for the purposes. Compostable bags use natural fibers, which decompose in 3-6 months and make them more environmentally friendly. Plus, using greener cat litter, i.e., one that utilizes wood shavings, recycled newspapers, and fibrous wheat material instead of silica sand, can also contribute to the development of sustainable pet-friendly homes.