Do you have a bunch of things that you’re ready to get rid of or take to the thrift store? Why not think about whether you could use them for another purpose for your pet before you throw them away?

You’ll probably find that most things that you no longer need can be repurposed and get a whole new life time’s use as something completely new. 

Try turning some old clothing into a toy or fancy bandana, or get extra creative with turning an old piece of furniture into a dog bed. 

Thomas Woods, owner of Perfect Dog Breeds, is going to share five of his best recycling hacks with us to save you time and money!

Make a Recycled Toy

Does your old t shirt have a small hole in it? If your dog has a talent of chewing up toys quickly and you spend a fortune on them, this is great way to save your money but still gives your pooch a new and interesting toy to play with. 

There are loads of things you could make with an old t-shirt, but a really simple one is to make a tug toy. For this, you’ll need a tennis ball, your t-shirt and a pair of scissors. 

Lay the t-shirt out, and place the ball in the center.  Pinch the shirt around the ball and tie a secure knot. Then cut strips in the remaining fabric and plait them to create a strong pull toy. 

Even the most talented of chewers should get at least a few days fun out of this toy!

Pet Bed

Perhaps you have something a bit larger which you want to reuse and give a new lease of life. If you have an old piece of furniture such as a chest of drawers, or a coffee table, you dog will love you forever if you turn it into a cozy bed for him. 

If you’re using a coffee table, turn the table upside down, and either buy or make a cushion to sit in the base of it. You can also paint the new bed if the furniture is look a bit run down. 

If you want to make it extra fancy, you can paint it, and even make it look like a four poster bed by adding a top rail and some curtains. 

Make a Treat Dispenser

This is a great idea to recycle any large plastic soda bottles which you have lying around. The idea is that your dog will be able to try and spin the bottles around to release treats. Not only is this a great fun game for them but it’ll also engage their brains and force them to think about how to release the food. 

To make this game, you’ll need a cardboard box, a wooden dowel or skewer and a plastic bottle. At around 1/3 of the way down from the neck of the bottle, make two small holes on either side to slide the wooden pole through. 

Then make two holes either side at the top of a cardboard box, for the wooden dowel to slot into. The box is basically just there to support the pole, and keep the bottles raised off the floor. 

You can then fill the bottle with treats and you dog will need to learn to use his paw or nose to spin the bottles over and release some treats.  

Pallet Dog Bowl Stand

There are plenty of recycling hacks out there for old pallets, but how about using an old pallet to make a food and water bowl stand for your dog?

This will require a little bit more experience than the other hacks, but if you can use a saw and a hammer, you’ll be fine!

You’ll need to create a frame first, and then line it all with pallet wood. You can then cut two holes into the top which the bowls can easily slot into. 

Cute Dog Bandana

This last one doesn’t really serve any practical purpose, but who doesn’t love a cute dog collar or bandana?

What’s even more special is that this bandana is made from a shirt. You can make it from a shirt of someone who is really meaningful to your dog, or someone that’s really special to you. 

All you need to do, is simply cut the collar off an old shirt, and button it around your pup’s neck for instant cute appeal!


If you’re about to throw something out, try and think of ways which you can give this old object a new leash of life. More often than not, if you google recycling tips for your object you’ll be able to find an idea of how to use it again for your dog. 

You can save lots of money by creating things that your dog needs by recycling stuff you already have!