Black Mouth Curs are tough, resilient, and affectionate dogs. Around children, they are as mild as a dove. They may not be as popular as Golden Retrievers or other designer dogs, but they are loving dogs who deserve more attention than they get.

Black Mouth Cur mixes are growing popular with each passing day. And there is not one but as many as 21 or more mixes. One of them is a popular breed, the Black Mouth Cur Shepherd Mix. They are unique in that they are active, intelligent, and cheerful dogs.

Throughout this guide, we will share 5 popular Black Mouth Cur Mixes and their distinctive characteristics.

Black Mouth Cur German Shepherd Mix

Black Mouth Cur Shepherd Mix, like every mixed breed, has the characteristics of both parents, so you should know what to expect. This mix inherits excellent guarding and guarding instincts from its parents. It is a highly affectionate dog with playful charisma and needs regular exercise to remain fit. 

It is a cheerful, energetic dog and is an excellent fit for small families. The dog’s weight ranges from 55 to 110 lb. and it has a lifespan ranging from 7 to 16 years. 

In terms of strength and speed, as expected from both its parent breeds, it is a strong, powerful guarding dog. It is best suited for farms to protect livestock against predators and alike. 


A sweet, loving dog and a mixed breed of the Basset Hound and the Black Mouth Cur. A wonderful family dog with a great temperament. It is gentle around children and has a mild, affectionate aura. 

The Crusset breeds are not loud barkers and will only ever bark out of necessity to alert you of unfamiliar settings. They are resilient dogs with thick fur and are very energetic. Hence, they will require going out for strolls more often than their parent breeds. 

This energy can be manifested as they are excellent hunting dogs in small games. Although they don’t suffer from serious health conditions, you may have to be cautious of a condition called “the eye boogers”.

Black Mouth Cur Pitbull Mix

As a mixed breed, all of its characteristics will be linked to its parent breed in one way or the other. Black Mouth Cur Pitbull Mix’s parents are powerful muscular dogs. Both of them are well known for their hunting abilities. This mix will follow suit and are excellent guarding dogs. 

Pitbulls are known for their aggressiveness and intimidating temperament. But, with good training, it has been proven that they can turn out as obedient and docile dogs. This mix, when trained in the right hands (like every working dog), will turn out to be a loyal, protective, and obedient breed.

Siberian Black Mouth Cur

A Siberian Black Mouth Cur is a cross between the Siberian Husky and Black Mouth Cur. A large dog in size and heart and an excellent guarding dog. It is an affectionate, sweet-tempered dog and gets along with other pets. 

Due to its large size, it can come off as intimidating to newcomers. But, it gets along quite well with children. It can be a little reserved with strangers at first. And this characteristic makes it an excellent guarding dog. 

This breed needs training from the start and good dog behavior treats for good growth. As an active dog with a propensity to run around, it needs strolling - almost regularly to let off that extra steam.  

Black Mouth Cur Lab Mix

With floppy ears and a gentle temperament, it is a mixed breed of a Black Mouth Cur and the Labrador Retriever. This breed is growing popular among active lifestyle families. Furthermore, they are loving and loyal and will do anything to please their owners. 

Regardless of their fabulous characteristics, it’s not advisable to keep them close to young children. They can (due to their high energy) injure or seriously harm a young child. 

All in all, if you are looking for a social, well-behaved, and active dog, this should be your go-to choice among Black Mouth Cur mixes.

Final Words

Black Mouth Cur mixes are growing rapidly in popularity. They are strong and capable guard dogs that are loyal companions. Most of them are well suited for small and active families. With great temperaments, they are good with children and are affectionate towards them.

Each has a specific personality, so you should be mindful of each when buying one. Good luck!