In honor of Earth Day 2017, our friends over at Ultimate Home Life have shared with us a handy infographic that explains just how easy it is to become a more environmentally friendly dog owner by just making 14 simple lifestyle changes, but ones that will make a drastic difference in the fight against environmental degradation.

Here at FitBark, we're all about improving the health of your pet and staying on top of anything that might prove to be a "red flag" worth looking into, and these lifestyle changes mentioned in this infographic not only help improve the well-being of the environment around it, they also help your pet lead a much healthier and lengthier life.

Greener dog ownership infographic

And there you have it, folks! As responsible dog owners, we're not only obliged to take the absolute best care we can of our precious Fidos, we also hold a very serious responsibility towards the environment around us and should try our best to make sure our dogs are leaving as little negative impact on our precious Earth as possible.