Working as a dog walker is rewarding work: You get to walk beautiful dogs, your work primarily takes place outdoors, and you can walk as many dogs as you have time for. While it’s a great career or part-time gig on its own, you can effectively make it better for both you and the pooches you care for. The following tools and accessories can help elevate each of your walks, making it more fun, safe, and comfortable.  

Heavy-Duty Leash with Hands-Free Option

One of the first things you’ll need when working as a dog walker is a quality leash. If you’re walking multiple dogs at once, you’ll need something that’s durable and able to stand up to even the toughest, largest dogs. A great option is a heavy-duty leash that has a hands-free option. These leashes offer you the ability to tie the leash around your waist, where you can easily lead your dogs while keeping your hands open.

Poop Bags

An absolute must! Whether or not your local government requires you to pick up after the dogs you’re walking, it’s important for you to clean up their waste—it can pose serious risks to human, animal, and environmental health. We recommend purchasing durable bags—ones that won’t be easily punctured or ripped—if not for your sake, then for the environment around you.  

First Aid Kit

It’s a smart idea to store a first aid kit for your pups prior to heading out on walks. Whether you’re walking in the city, heading to the dog park, or venturing outdoors, you never know when one of your dogs can become injured—from getting a cut on their paw to hurting a limb. Consider storing some sterilization materials and bandages to keep them safe in the event of an unfortunate injury.  

Dog Wipes

Dogs can poop on their own, but they might have some clinging onto their behind afterward. To help keep your dogs clean, carry a package of dog wipes that can be used to wipe them down whenever needed. A nearby leaf might be able to do the job, but it could leave your dog uncomfortable and ashamed. A soft, moist wipe can help to clean their behind, all while keeping them comfortable and clean. 

Dog Sweater or Jacket

This is a must for the colder winter months: A snowstorm can blow in without you expecting it, and a dog with a thinner coat might be left cold and shivering. Keep an adjustable sweater or jacket on you if you expect a change in the weather. It’s better to think ahead and keep your dog comfortable rather than having to rush home at the mere sight of snowfall.  

Self-Defense Item

To keep both yourself and your dogs safe, it’s in your best interest to carry a self-defense weapon on your person. To ensure complete safety, you should have self-defense items to handle both humans and aggressive dogs. 

There are countless non-lethal self-defense weapons out there, but a smart choice is a physical baton. The primary benefit of a baton is it allows you to direct a defensive attack—one that will help you avoid hitting one of your dogs. 

If you’re in need of an item to protect your dogs from aggressive oncoming dogs, you should employ dog repellent sprays. Although you’ll have to be careful not to hit your own dogs, this will help to incapacitate an oncoming dog without causing any serious harm to them.  

Flashlight or Headlamp

Whether you’re walking early in the morning or late at night, you and your dogs deserve to be seen. To see the road before you and remain noticeable to oncoming motorists, runners, and cyclists, you should have a headlamp or flashlight on hand. Along with these options, it’s a smart idea to wear some illumination gear yourself or to put an illuminated collar on one of your dogs. 

You’re better off over-preparing than just hoping everything goes well. 

Dog Treats

Having a hard time keeping the attention of your dogs? Want to reward them for good behavior? 

You should have dog treats on you whenever heading out for a walk. These are a great addition to any walk, whether walking an old or young dog. 

If you’re training a puppy to follow commands, you can use treats as a reward for good behavior, instilling positive reactions to their responsiveness. If you’re someone who walks many dogs each day, it can be annoying to have one dog that doesn’t listen to commands or attempts to walk away from the rest of the group. But, a treat can be used to keep that dog’s attention, enticing them to remain with the other dogs in the group.

Collapsible Dog Bowl

Whatever the weather, one of your dogs might like water during a long walk. Rather than waiting until you get home, you should have a collapsible water bowl on you that can be used whenever needed. It’s a great idea to keep one of these on you at all times during the summer months. Dogs react differently to heat, so you’re better off giving them water when it looks like they might need it. 

Fanny Pack or Shoulder Sling Bag

Thinking of how you’ll carry most of these things? A shoulder sling bag or fanny pack can be the right product to help you keep all of these helpful accessories on your person. Either provides you with a comfortable way to carry your necessities without keeping your hands full. Furthermore, it helps keep weight off your limbs, meaning you’ll be able to walk comfortably, left to enjoy your dog walker adventures just as much as the pups you’re caring for. 

Keep Them Happy

As a dog walker, you want to provide the best experience for the dogs in your care, ensuring they are happy and comfortable at all times. Consider carrying these items on every walk to keep both you and them safe and happy during each of your daily walks.