Having dogs for pets is the greatest thing in the world. You always love it when you come home to see them rushing towards you. Even if you’ve been gone for ten minutes. Yes, you love your dogs. But sometimes, dogs can make a bit of a mess. And we’re not talking about getting into the trash or drinking from the toilet bowl. We’re talking the messes they leave from shedding. This is where finding a good reliable vacuum cleaner comes in. You need one that can get the job done when it comes to cleaning dog hair from your floors and even your furniture. Finding one doesn’t have to be a time consuming task. Below are ten of our recommended vacuums that you can choose from based on your own needs.

Shark Navigator ZU561

We begin with one of the more reliable brands. Shark pet vacuums are the easiest to use. Because it’s versatile, lightweight, and perfect if you want to clean every strand of pet hair in places no other vacuum can do (such as on stair steps). It didn’t earn the name Navigator for nothing. This vacuum comes equipped with Lift-Away mode. This is used for when you want to use the vacuum tube to clean those hard to reach places like walls and corners.

What else can you do in Lift Away mode? You can detach the canister from the base itself and take it with you. Why drag the entire thing here, there, and everywhere across the house? You can always re-attach the canister and finish the rest of the floor once you’ve taken care of the dog hair on the sofa. Finally, you won’t need to worry about hair getting caught up inside. That’s because the Navigator is equipped with a Zero-M cleaner head to ensure that hair gets picked up and won’t clog up the tube.

Allergy sufferers can rejoice in knowing that the Navigator comes with Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology and HEPA filter, leaving no speck of pet dander behind on your carpet or in the air.


• Lift-away mode for easier portability

• Lightweight and easy to carry

• Equipped with HEPA filter and Anti-Allergen to eradicate pet dander.


• Small canister can lead to frequent emptying.

SharkNinja TruePet NV752

Consider this a step up from the Shark Navigator. It works the same way while it has the ability to work on hard floors and be even more tougher on dog hair. This model will be slightly more expensive than the Navigator. The Lift-Away mode is much more powerful, but the big surprise is right inside your cleaning wand. Not only do you have a stronger, tougher Lift Away mode, the wand has its own motor inside. It’s no wonder why it’s even more tougher on dog hair than the Navigator. So expect your sofa to be completely clean when using this Shark model.

If you have dirt and debris on your hardwood floor, you can easily switch over to the Hard Floor Hero accessory that can pick it all up, no matter the size. This is the vacuum you want if your pet hair problem is slightly worse than normal.


• A more powerful Lift-Away mode

• Equipped with a motorized brush

• Excellent on hard floors


• Slightly heavier than the Navigator

Shark APEX AZ1002 With DuoClean

The Shark APEX Upright is your vacuum of choice if you want both a deep clean for your carpets and well-polished hard floors. It comes equipped with two cleaner heads. One of the heads purposes is to pick up anything and everything that stands in the way. The second head will apply polish and ensure a clean, shiny hard floor. Any way you use it, you will get a deeper clean guaranteed. With ZeroM technology, hair won’t clog up your vacuum. Like the TruePet, it comes with a powerful Lift-Away mode. If your floors are heavy in fur coverage, you can count on the APEX to get the job done.


• Equipped with two cleaning heads: one for tougher carpet cleaning, the other for polishing and keeping hard floors clean.

• Equipped with ZeroM tech to prevent hair tangling.

• Powerful Lift-Away mode


• Active Glide Maneuverability may be difficult at first.

Shark Rocket ZS351

If you want a Shark vacuum that won’t take up too much room in storage, consider this model your best friend. This will especially come in handy if you live in a place where tight spaces are everywhere. The Shark Rocket is slim and will allow you to vacuum pretty much anywhere you please. You can quickly turn it into a portable vacuum in seconds. This is perfect for when you want to stay on top of the hairy messes your dog can leave behind.

To prevent hair from tangling up in the head, it comes equipped with ZeroM technology. So hair ends up in the canister every time. It’s easy to carry, it’s versatile, and can move like no other vacuum on the market. When you’re done, you can easily detach the canister and empty it for the next time you use it.


• Very sturdy and versatile

• Equipped with Zero-M to prevent hair tangles

• Quick transformation into hand-held mode


• It can be noisy while you use it.

SharkNinja Rocket DuoClean HV382

This is like the Rocket, but designed to knock out the most annoying of pet hair messes. Consider it to be an upgrade from the previous vacuum. What’s even better? It happens to come with a DuoClean system that is designed to get rid of any hair that can be hard to get rid of with any traditional vacuum. We’re talking from hairy breeds like huskies. If you have a dog that sheds a lot, the SharkNinja will be your ally in the war against hair.

Like the Rocket, this is more designed for smaller homes. If you want something just as powerful, but live in a larger home, the Shark APEX is more your speed.


• Equipped with DuoClean to ensure maximum hair cleanup

• Lightweight

• Leave your hard floors polished and shiny


• Not for large spaces

Dyson Ball Animal 2

Dyson is known for creating some of the best vacuums in the business. So it’s no surprise that it makes the claim that their Animal 2 has the strongest suction power of any vacuum on the market. If you or someone you know who has sinuses that are sensitive to pet dander, consider the Animal 2. It’s powerful enough to clean your home and leave no trace of pet dander that can set off even the slightest of sinus issues.

This vacuum is well equipped with the tools that will allow you to clean every surface and hard to reach space possible. If you’re looking for a deep clean vacuum, look no further than the Animal 2. Since the canister is a half-gallon, it will be slow to fill up. Yet, when the time comes, you can easily empty it in the trash.


• Very powerful suction

• No-mess canister release

• Detachable tools


• While this vacuum is all you’ll ever need for a deep clean, it comes at a price. So expect it to be pricey.

Dyson V10 Animal

Light, but strong. But it has so much power, it gives other vacuums a run for its money. Best of all, it’s even cordless. This means that you can take it anywhere you want without having to disconnect the power. You can use it as an upright or detach the long arm and use it as a hand vacuum. Once you’re finished, you can attach it to a wall mount that will keep this vacuum fully charged. If your dog hair problem extends to your car, you can take the V10 and vacuum the car from top to bottom.


• Very lightweight

• Cordless for maximum portability

• Comes in two modes: upright and hand-held


• Battery life is short

Bissell Turbo Plus 24619

This vacuum might as well be the type to pick up pet hair. One of the unique features is the Febreze filter that is included to ensure that your room has that fresh, clean scent as opposed to a dusty smell. This comes complete with SmartSeal Anti-Allergen technology that will trap dust particles. This vacuum has the ability to clean all kinds of surfaces with its wide range of cleaning modes.

If you’re looking for a high performing vacuum that won’t break the bank, the Bissell Turbo Plus might serve you well in the long run.


• Equipped with SmartSeal Anti-Allergen Tech

• Attachments available for pet hair clean up

• Febreze filter for a fresh, clean smell


• You may deal with tangling issues. But are typically infrequent.

New Miele Complete C3 Cat & Dog

This is the only vacuum that we’ll review that is not bagless. And for a canister vacuum, it’s maneuverability is second to none. With its number of vacuum heads, you can be able to tackle messes on almost every surface. Unlike vacuums that are noisy, the Complete C3 is one of the quietest. So it don’t scare your dog while you go around vacuuming the house. Another thing that Complete C3 users are happy about is the retractable cord. This is a godsend for those who don’t like spending time winding up the power cords manually.


• Highly maneuverable

• Equipped with several different heads

• Not as noisy as other vacuums


• Since there are bags used for this vacuum, they need to be changed frequently

Hoover Pet UH74210PC

Now it’s back to bagless. This time, we look at a vacuum with a brand name that is the most recognizable. Yet, Hoovers are a much different breed now compared to ages past. For as long as they’ve been in the business, Hoover made sure that a vacuum that would be tough enough to clean up pet hair would be designed. With the Hoover, you will be able to clean all kinds of surfaces. While other vacuums lose suction power after a heavy-duty cleaning session, the Hoover’s suction power stays the same. With its longstanding Windtunnel technology, this vacuum will get the job done in picking up every speck of dirt that stands in the way.


• Different settings for other surfaces

• Consistent suction power

• Anti-allergen system


• Not ideal for stairs


Cleaning up dog hair doesn’t have to be difficult. Neither should choosing the best vacuum. Before you choose, consider the options above. Whether you’re cleaning minimal amounts of hair or a lot, you’ll need a vacuum that will get the job done the first time, every time. You don’t have to struggle with cleaning up hair repeatedly. Find one that will save you time and headaches in the future.