We all know that the choices we make have an impact on the world we live in, and sustainability has never been more of a buzz word than it is today. We can express our environmentally-friendly intentions right through to the products we buy for our pets, and these days, there are plenty of fantastic options. 

Here are 10 of the best sustainable cat and dog products on the market.

A cat sitting in a chewy box

1. Chewy - Pooch Paper

Where better to start than an eco-friendly way to clean up poop. Let’s face it, picking up dog poop is never a pleasant job, but made even worse by the need for one-use plastic bags every time. Chewy has come up with a user-friendly solution - Pooch Paper. This paper is made from recycled paper that is completely biodegradable and compostable. Large enough to collect most average poop piles hygienically (in other words, without risking getting any on your hands). 

2. Natusan - Cat Litter

According to Natusan, switching to their 100% recycled wood cat litter can save up to 65% of litter waste, and put some dollars back into your pocket, too. This litter is super lightweight, and surprisingly soft. It’s biodegradable and highly absorbent, forming tightly packed clumps of waste that trap in odors. Soft on paws and with no added fragrance. 

3. Woven Dog Leash - United by Blue

Determined to rid the waterways and oceans of garbage, United by Blue offers woven, webbed and colorful leads made from nothing but recycled plastic bottles. What’s more, for every leash they sell, United by Blue pledge to rid the US shorelines of a pound of waste. There are six brightly patterned, 60 inch leases to choose from, all fitted with aluminum hardware. 

4. Zogoflex Qwizl Dog Puzzle Toy - West Paw

Made from mostly recycled materials, West Paw toys are created with sustainability in mind and are incredibly durable, so they will rarely need replacing. The Zogoflex puzzle toy is 100% recyclable and BPA and phthalate-free. Stuff it with yummy treats or kibble and your dog will have hours of fun trying to retrieve them, keeping them engaged and happy for longer.  

5. Stainless Steel Boomer Dog Bowl - Yeti

Part of making eco-friendly choices is opting for products that will last a long time, preventing the need to constantly replace products made from environmentally harmful materials such as plastics. Yeti’s Stainless Steel Boomer dog bowl is naturally BPA-free, dishwasher-friendly and ultra durable, ensuring that it will last and last. Also features a non-slip ring on the bottom to avoid spills. 

6. Monsoon ECO Raincoat - Hurrta

If you’re determined to take pooch out for a walk come rain or shine, they’ll surely be grateful for their own raincoat! Hurrta’s Monsoon ECO Raincoat is made from 100% recycled materials, and features a wide collar and plenty of body coverage. Not only will it keep your dog dry, but the design is bright orange and features reflective accents to be sure that they remain easy to spot in inclement weather. 

7. Flip Pad Scratcher - Petfusion

Most cat owners have faced the issue of cat-scratched doors or furniture at one time or another. Cat’s don’t just love to scratch - they need to to keep their muscles and joints healthy, and it is an instinctual behavior for expressing excitement or stress. To protect your home from damage, you can provide your cat with a designated scratcher. Petfusion offers a cardboard Flip Pad Scratcher made from recycled materials. The design makes it more fun for kitty to rip, tear and shred with more leverage, and once it’s worn out, the whole thing can be recycled.  

8. Pet Care Treatments - Castle Baths

Castle Baths makes washes, shampoos and other grooming products for humans and pets, all of which are naturally handmade, 100% vegan, and contain no parabens, sulfates, chemicals, or other harmful toxins. The company is also committed to producing only certified organic treatments and never tests any of their products on animals. 

9. Human-grade Pet Food - Raised Right

Formulated and recommended by Veterinarians, Raised Right’s Human-Grade Pet Food offers a daily diet rich in nutrition for healthy dogs and cats, as well as pets suffering from a variety of health issues. This high-protein, low-carb pet food contains no preservatives or cheap fillers  and received the 2019 Innovation Award for nutrition.

10. Luxury Dog Bed - Jax and Bones

After a hard day’s play, your eco-friendly pup should be able to take a well-earned nap on a super-comfy eco-friendly bed. Jax and Bones offer a fantastic line of modern dog beds in a range of styles and fabrics. These dog beds are stuffed with material made from recycled plastic bottles - in fact, Jax and Bones claims that to date, they have included 7 million plastic bottles’ worth of recycled materials in their products. 

2 dogs and a cat on a pet bed

Final thoughts

With so many sustainable options now on the market, it's easier than ever to broaden your eco-friendly efforts to include products for your pet. There’s virtually nothing that you need for a cat or dog that you can’t find an environmentally-friendly version of!