A lot of us have activity trackers to monitor our own exercise and love seeing how many steps it takes to get to mailbox or how many steps between our desks and the breakroom at work. But aren’t you curious about the same things for your dog? Here are 5 reasons that every dog owner should definitely get a FitBark.

Because you shouldn’t think that potty breaks are enough exercise

Most people don’t think that getting up and using the bathroom during work is a sufficient amount of exercise, so it’s probably not a good enough amount of exercise for your dog. Unless taking your dog out to go to the bathroom is actually a decent length walk, the Fitbark will remind you that you need to get your pooch up and moving more than just their allocated potty breaks.

Because chasing squirrels in their dreams does affect their sleep

We’ve figured out that dogs are pretty much always moving and that means that they move in their sleep, too! The FitBark can let you know if they’re just having some awesome dreams about chasing squirrels and sniffing trees or if they are having a tough time sleeping at night. If it’s the latter, that might explain why your dog is so tuckered out during the day or might even call for a visit to the vet.

Because our dogs don’t have Facebook or Twitter

How else are you supposed to know what they’ve been up to all day? It’s nice to be able to drop your dog off at daycare and then see later that they had their Best Day Ever! Or maybe you want to know if they are running around the house all day while you’re at work… or just sleeping in the couch. No judgment.

Because someone has to win in the battle of steps and BarkPoints

Listen, we understand that your dog is your best friend, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have some friendly competition! You can link your human activity monitor to the FitBark app and see who comes out on top each day, week, and month. You can even see who has more points over the entire time you’ve had each activity tracker. Let the battle begin!

Because your pup deserves to be spoiled

We get a finite amount of time with our dogs, so why not spoil them? Getting your pup a FitBark means that you’re more in tune with what goes on in their daily lives and if you need to spend more time being active together - whether that be more walks or more time playing. The thing that your dog wants more than anything else is to spend time with you and the FitBark reminds you to get healthy, together.