It’s incredible how quickly a bond forms between a dog and his human. Our dog needs us to be active and healthy, and we need him to be active and healthy ourselves. With our busy lives, if he’s not getting enough rest or exercise, we may not be either.

Exercise is not one bit less important for humans than it is for dogs! The right amount of exercise helps keep us both in great shape, and illness and disease away. Loving your pet means staying healthy together.

By linking a Fitbit or another human fitness tracker to the FitBark mobile app…


…you can start monitoring your own fitness next to that of your dog!


This is a great way to get to know your dog better, deepen your bond and get healthier yourself. It’s time to get active with your pet and make better choices throughout the day!


You dog is an ideal workout partner. Committing to your dog means committing to your own health. At FitBark, we believe in a world where fitness happens on both ends of the leash. We are on a mission to get dogs and humans healthy together.