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Exercise is not one bit less important for dogs as it is for humans. The right amount of activity keeps your dog in great shape, and wards off illness and disease. It’s a fantastic way to help prevent diabetes, osteoarthritis, high blood pressure and various forms of cancer. It helps extend your dog’s life expectancy as well as drastically reduce vet bills.

But there’s more. Not only are long walks good for the body, but also for the soul! Playtime helps avoid hyperactive, destructive, unruly and attention seeking behaviors, and leads to a strong, trusting relationship while you get more active as well. It’s a win-win!

So how much activity is just right for your dog? An active lifestyle is great, but every pet is unique. What it means to be healthy is different for a Border Collie puppy and a St. Bernard. This is where we can help. With real time comparisons between dogs of similar age, weight and breeds across the world, FitBark gives you baselines that help you put activity, sleep, health and behavior in perspective. Even better, wearing his FitBark, your dog contributes to creating these baselines and advancing science for the greater good of all dogs.

When you set up your FitBark, we ask you what lifestyle you would like for your dog. This can either be typical (50th percentile), active (75th percentile) or Olympian (90th percentile). If your dog has a medical problem that prevents him from being more active, try a lower percentile.


To monitor your dog’s progress while you help him reach his goals, just head over to the daily, weekly, monthly activity screens or the historical views.


Want to learn more about age, weight and breed baselines for dogs of different types? Click through the various tabs of FitBark Explore below (will display only if you access this page from a desktop computer).

This is super helpful since we have three dogs ranging from 3 months to 10 years and they obviously require different levels of playtime. If you're looking for an activity tracker for your dog this is the best one on the market.

Dave B.

I love knowing if my dog needs more playtime. With a dachshund you need to make sure that they stay fit to combat spine injuries. With the FitBark I have peace of mind knowing that I am doing all I can to fight that. The app tracks play and active time and it makes it easy to see if we need to go for a longer walk.

Raiden R.

Great for Active Breeds This app has been great and the service spectacular. It's really a nice way to keep track of my dog's activity level. For such an active breed like my Brittany Spaniel, the difference between enough exercise and not enough is the difference between a well behaved dog and a crazy nut case. Understanding how and when my dog gets enough exercise has been really nice.

Everyday Dog Owner


An active lifestyle keeps your dog (and you!) healthy, reduces vet bills and increases life expectancy.


Exercise helps eliminate hyperactive, destructive, unruly and attention-seeking behaviors.


Playtime together leads to a strong, trusting relationship. Strengthen your bodies and your bond!


You have questions. Your FitBark has answers.

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