Now that you’ve interviewed plenty of professionals and facilities and have selected your favorite boarding provider, doggie daycare or dog walker, you are probably asking yourself how Fido is doing when you’re busy at work or when you travel.

We all love using webcams to make sure our pets are doing OK. But what if we wanted to confirm that they got plenty of activity today or check if something was a little off?

How FitBark can help

Just open up the FitBark mobile app, sync the unit via Bluetooth when your dog gets home (or even remotely if your daycare has a FitBark Wi-Fi Base Station) and find out in seconds.

FitBark brings transparency to your relationship with your dog’s caretakers, enabling them to show you they’re doing a great job. You can even invite your dog walker to sync the FitBark from their smartphone, share pictures and exchange notes.FitBark_Journal_Post_Comments_iPhone_Black

It's been a great device for keeping dog walkers honest. We had a well liked dog walker in our building we hired. His first walk was for an hour. Thanks to our FitBark we knew for a fact that this guy walked the dogs for all of 5 minutes over the course of an hour. It's nice to have the peace of mind that nobody is cheating your furry friend on their much needed play time.

FitBark Customer

We are really enjoying FitBark and it is helping us to understand why some days we have an excitable dog in the evenings and other days a sleepy one. Unintentionally we found out our trusted dog walker was not so trusted after all.

Katy G.

Well we are loving it. It's key to showing our clients that their dogs are getting the exercise we have been claiming and not just all at once since it tracks time.

Heather W.

You have questions. Your FitBark has answers.

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