I am kind of a workout class junkie. I joined Classpass about 3 years ago, and was automatically hooked, I mean I do it all, boxing to spin class, to bootcamps and barre. Every time they raise the prices, I get pissed and put my account on hold, with all intentions of just cancelling it because there is NO way I am going pay the amount of money they are now asking from me. And then of course I go about a month without it, I get moody and bitchy and think that I have gained 383lbs and cave and reboot my membership…this is happening about every 6 months. I also have a Fitbit, you know so I can see how many calories I just burned in my Drake themed spin class, or how many steps I took in my Barry’s Bootcamp class with that really hot trainer. I LOVE my fitbit, it tells me everything. I have recently found out that they have them for DOGS!!! You already know, I was all over that!!!

Pharrell and Rosie both now have FitBarks! They are amazing!! Having two Border Collies in New York City, means that we are out and about A LOT! It’s not like I have a field with a herd of sheep for them to get their steps in every day. So for the past two years I have been trying my hardest to do everything I can to get my pups the exercises they need in the Big Apple. Before having FitBark it was just me going off of what I thought they needed and if they have had enough or now. BUT, oh how times have changed!!! FitBark tells me everything that I would ever need to know about Pharrell and Rosie, I am kind of obsessed with it….like I check it way more than I have ever checked my Fitbit.

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FitBark is a research grade dog activity and sleep monitor. It collects physical activity and rest levels all day, every day! Providing you with unprecedented insights into the health and behavior of your fur-baby! The FitBark is made in the shape of a tine, stylish dog-bone, it fits dogs of any size by just attaching to the collar.

The FitBark is designed to stand ruff playtime and submerged up to 1 meter for up to 30 mins! Also the battery life will last up 2 weeks, and only takes about 90 mins to fully charge again.

It comes in 6 great colors, to match with any dog collar! The prices range from $59.95-$69.95 depending if you get a brand new FitBark or a refurbished one!

Pharrell BarkPoints

One of my favorite things about FitBark is that it tells me their sleeping pattern. It tells me when they are dead asleep and when they get up and move around in the middle of the night, along with giving me their sleep score how well they slept that night.

It also tells me, how many hours they played and how many they were active. So I know if we need to go to the park for longer or if it’s time to go home. Another amazing feature is that it compares your pups achieve to other dogs of the same breed, so you know if you are above or below the curve what your dog really needs.

I highly recommend getting one of these for your pups! They are totally amazing! Everything thing about them is great! I am sure that Pharrell and Rosie would agree with me as well, since we stay at the park longer now that I can see what they really need rather than when I am ready to go home!