Freya and Jango in tall grass

I’ve never written a blog before, but here goes! My name is Jane Kennedy and I live with my 2 girls and my 2 dogs. I have Jango, an 11 year old pug/boston mix, who is currently upset my laptop, and not him, is taking up my lap.  My other dog is Freyja she is a border collie/whippet mix. She is also the lucky dog who got to try out the fit bark!

Freyja is a very active dog and we try and stay an active family.  I wear a step tracker and my 9 year old daughter does as well. I find it useful to monitor my activity, I also like to ensure my daughter is active enough; so why not the dogs?!?  

Both of my dogs play Flyball, Freyja also competes in disc. I really like to see how many points she gets at practice vs a regular night out in the yard. I also like to see how she stacks up against the other dogs on her team.

I have discovered a few things, flyball practice is great for sprints, but her overall points are not that great.  She is more active than the average dog.  She is, in fact, as lazy as I thought she was when she is home alone.  Maybe the most surprising thing I have learned is just how much of a work out she gets when my mom is dog sitting for her!

Freyja’s fitness is very important. I want her to be healthy and have the stamina for a full day of disk, flyball or just running in a field with her friends.

The fitbark is great, she doesn’t need motivation to get moving, but I do. It’s a good reminder when her points are low that I have to do some work with her.  It’s a fun way to keep us on track.

I want to keep Freyja happy and healthy for a long time. Fitbark is a great tool to achieve this. I watch her steps, her health index and her sleep index to make sure we are on track.

Freya running in a field