Sara Carson spent the last year touring the United States with her dogs. It sounds like an enviable vacation, but it was actually a lot of work.

Sara is a trainer and her dogs are trick dogs -- "The Super Collies." Her tour of the states consisted of multiple public performances.

In 2012, Sara and Hero appeared on Late Night with David Letterman. They've been a sensation since.

Hero, a border collie and golden retriever mix, is four years old now, but he's been a genius since birth.

"By the time he was three and a half, four months old, he knew more than 60 tricks," Sara said.

They decided to go for the Champion Trick Dog title...and succeeded.

Sara and Hero didn't stop there. With positive reinforcement training, Hero learned so many tricks Sara lost count.

The pair became a trio around Christmastime. Marvel, the 8-month-old border collie, was added to the family.

At the same time, Sara saw an article listing the top dog products of 2015. FitBark was on the list and caught her eye. After some research, she bought two.

"It's helped me learn how to train two dogs," she said. "I've only had one at a time in the past."

After days of lots of work, FitBark lets Sara know the dogs can be allowed a day off.

"I have their goals set for Olympian. We usually don't meet it, but I like to set it that high as motivation."

It's also helped her notice the major difference between puppy Marvel and adult Hero.

"Hero doesn't need to do anything," she said. "But Marvel is just wired."

How does FitBark help be a better dog parent?

"It gets people more active with their dogs," Sara said. "People get out and go hiking...set goals for themselves. It builds up that relationship."

Hero and Marvel recently were hired onto a team of other trick dogs. Their near-future days will be full of treats and new friends...and probably a lot of BarkPoints.

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