Our flyball team, the Ruff Riders, was lucky enough to test out some FitBarks to show how our dogs could benefit from the data gathered in the FitBark app. This, in turn, could help us better manage our training and conditioning programs.  Our flyball season runs from May through September, but we train year round to ensure our canine athletes are always in tip top shape.

Gryff running on a flyball course

We are located in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada and were the first team to bring Flyball into our province.  We celebrated 25 years as a team in 2016 a. nd look forward to the next 25 years!  Flyball is a face paced relay race consisting of a team of 6 dogs (4 running dogs and 2 spares) to race against another team. There are 4 jumps to a flyball box to trigger a ball and then bring the ball back over those jumps before we send the next dog to complete a 4 dog race against the other team for best time.

Gryff running on a flyball course

Gryffindor was lucky enough to test one of these FitBarks to see how the data would help him improve as an athlete this season.

A screenshot of the app

Gryffindor is a 3 year old Boston Terrier.  He started his flyball training at 8 weeks old, and started running in March 2015.  He enjoys playing flyball, barn hunt and scent detection sports.  We use his FitBark to monitor his sleep patterns, if he is restless, I know that he may be sore or stiff.  We also use the BarkPoints to help us stay active in reaching our goals.  Going for a walk, down to the dog club to run or even just some brain games at home when we know we aren’t going to make our goal for the day.  Keeping them physically active as well as mentally stimulated is important pieces in the training.

Written by Gryffindor's human mom, Candace.