Huskies have grown in popularity massively in recent times, thanks in part to their wolf-like appearance, popularity on social media, and unique personalities.

Unfortunately, many people don’t understand how much work huskies are, and this has led to many huskies ending up in shelters or needing to be rehomed.

If you’re considering getting a husky, it’s important to be aware of their needs to ensure you’re up to owning this magnificent breed. Keep reading to learn all about the practicalities of owning a husky and much more.

How Much Exercise Huskies Really Need

The main reason why huskies are such hard work for most people is because of how much exercise they require every day.

Huskies need at least 2 hours of exercise daily, which is one of the highest out of any dog breed.

They get this high demand for exercise due to their background as sled dogs. Huskies were originally domesticated by the Chukchi people of Siberia, where they were used to pull light sled loads over miles at a time through rough terrain.

Huskies are still used as sled dogs to this day and are capable of incredible feats of endurance when trained properly.

Many people underestimate how much exercise huskies really need and instead decide to get a husky puppy because of how adorable they look - this is why proper research is so important with this breed.

Don’t Forget Mental Stimulation

Huskies are highly intelligent in their own way; they might not learn tricks easily or follow commands often, but this is out of choice rather than inability to learn.

This means that outside of exercise, they also require extra mental stimulation.

Mental stimulation can come in the form of obedience training, puzzle toys, games, and much more. 

So, not only do you need to exercise them for 2 hours or more per day, but you’ll also have to invest more time to make sure they are mentally stimulated as well.

A Note On Stubbornness

The exercise requirement of the husky is enough to make them very hard work for most people, but another important factor to consider is their stubbornness as well.

Huskies are a naturally stubborn breed and don’t have a high drive to please their owners.

This means that it can be difficult to get them to listen to you, making things like recall and obedience training very difficult. This can be a hurdle for new owners who aren’t aware of this type of behavior, and it can be hard to adapt to.

What Happens When Huskies Get Bored

If you don’t exercise your husky enough or provide them with mental stimulation, it can lead to many problems with their behavior and well-being.


Huskies will throw tantrums even if they aren’t bored. 

These don’t happen all the time, and it’s usually a result of their stubborn nature. For example, if you refuse to play fetch when they’re in the mood, it might lead to them howling and jumping around for a while.

When huskies get bored, the frequency and extent of the tantrums will increase.

Destructive Behaviors

As well as tantrums, huskies can quickly develop many other destructive behaviors if their needs are not met.

A few examples of these can be found in the list below:

  • Excessive Chewing - Chewing is common for huskies that are teething, but it can also become a habit if your adult husky is bored and restless. Huskies have quite large teeth and powerful jaws, which means they can easily chew through furniture.
  • Excessive Howling - Huskies are known for being vocal, and it’s very common for them to excessively howl or ‘talk’ if they are bored. This can happen at any time, day or night, which can cause frustration very quickly.
  • Scratching And/Or Digging - Huskies tend to dig normally, which can become even more frequent if they’re bored. This can also lead to scratching when they’re inside.

A lot of people get confused when their huskies start to develop destructive behaviors without realizing that there is always an underlying issue, which is most often that they are bored.


Most people focus on the problems that dogs can cause for us, but if your husky is bored, it will eventually make them sad or even depressed.

Common signs of a depressed husky include a lack of interest in normal activities, decreased appetite, and several others.

How To Make Sure Your Husky Gets Tired Out

Tiring out a husky is no easy task, but it’s the best option to keep them happy.

Remember that huskies are working dogs, so they need a lot of daily exercise and mental stimulation. 

Here are some easy tips you can implement to tire out a husky and avoid most problems that people face with this breed.

Meet Their Exercise Requirements

The number one thing that all experienced or prospective husky owners need to know is how much exercise huskies need and how beneficial it is to meet their exercise requirements.

Make sure to exercise a husky for at least 2 hours a day, and the majority of the problems that you can face with huskies with disappear. 

Remember that when exercising a husky, you should always use a suitable collar or harness and leash when in unsecured locations, as it’s not a great idea to rely on their recall. 

Vary The Type Of Exercise

Another great tip is to vary the type of exercise that they receive.

Huskies love to go for walks, but they also love to run and take part in other types of exercise. Consider taking your husky out on your morning run, or use a bike if you want to tire them out quicker while saving your energy.

Play Games

Playing games is an ideal way to tire out a husky because it usually requires little effort from you.

Some huskies love to play fetch, but other games like hide and seek or tug of war can be just as effective at giving them extra exercise and mental stimulation.

Use Puzzle Toys

Puzzle toys provide lots of mental stimulation for huskies without you having to put in any extra effort. They also tend to be quite affordable as well, and they’re more than worth the investment for the hours of entertainment they can provide.

In Summary

Hopefully this article hasn’t put you off huskies!

As a responsible pet parent, it’s important to understand the requirements for owning a husky to save yourself problems further down the road. They are an incredibly rewarding and loyal breed that makes a great addition to any family, provided their needs are met.