Dog Owners often think of the ways to keep their pets healthy and fit. It is crucial for dogs as well as humans to have an exercise routine to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle. Although dogs are pretty enthusiastic when it comes to playing around or walking, you sometimes might need to push your little pooch for some exercise. Dogs generally need to be trained for taking a quick walk or playing games and hence it becomes crucial for all pet owners to know how to do it. There are many ways that you can exercise your dog, here in this article I am going to share ten such ideas which worked for my little Toby and are easy for beginners.

Walk, jog and run

The first easy exercise that you can train your dog for is a walk or hike. Keep the walks short for approximately 20 minutes and then increase the time gradually. Once your dog is comfortable with walking, try changing the routine by jogging or running with them. Make sure that they walk for good 45 to 60 minutes a day if they are not doing any other physical activity.

Follow them for a stroll

For a change, you can also allow your dog to lead and instead of walking them, follow them wherever they go. This will be fun for your little ones too and you will also get a break from the usual routine. Make sure that you stop when your dogs want to stop to keep them motivated to walk.

Obedience training

The best way to help your pets exercise and follow your instructions is to train them for the same. You can make them learn the classic bow or handshake for a little fun. Teach them the command for fetching you a ball, sitting down and other commands that can help you in the future for indoor games or outdoor sports. Apart from that, it is always good to spend time with your pups as they love that the most. Little cuddles after every achievement will keep them happy and encourage them to continue doing it.

Play the game of fetch

The next way to make your little one sweat out a bit is by playing the game of fetch with them. As you can play this sport literally anywhere, it is easy to train your dog for the same. Get a ball or a stick, throw it and ask your pet to get it for you. You might need to train your dog for the same initially, but once he learns the skill and listens to your command, it will become a fun game for him too. You can also play frisbee with them in a similar way by training them to fetch the frisbee for you. 

Make them climb the stairs

If you are searching for some indoor exercise, then there is no better sport than making them climb the stairs. You can ask your dogs to follow you while you are climbing the stairs or you can also throw a ball or soft toy upstairs for them to fetch you the same. Always show them appreciation when they climb the stairs or get you something to keep them motivated.

Nose work games

The fun sport of nose games is popular among the dog owners to help their dogs develop and enhance their scent smelling abilities. It stimulates their mental abilities, along with keeping them physically active. You can keep treats in the little boxes and leave a scent trail to the boxes. This way, you can make your own "go find it games" at home when you can't take your pets out. Don't forget to praise them and give them a treat when they succeed at following the trail and finding the boxes.

Take them to parks

Dogs like to socialize with other dogs and that's the reason why it will be a great idea to take them to parks. Like humans, canines also love social interactions and the dogs can also make up their own games and start playing. This will also aid in building their social interaction as well as discovering new games with fellow dogs.

 You can also let your little one play with your neighbor's or friend's dog and see them having tonnes of fun. The owners can also take balls and other toys to play with their dogs in case there are no other pets in the parks.

Hide and Seek for fun

Another fun way to exercise your dog is to play the game of hide and seek with them. For this first game, find a spot in your house and then hide in the place after giving the command of "Come." Dogs generally like to find their owners by following the trail of their natural scent. This will not only make them exercise but also stimulate their cognition abilities in their brain. Our pets know how we smell and that is exactly how they come to know when we come home or are around them.

Swimming for the water-puppies

Many dogs love swimming and it is also safe for the dogs having arthritis so you can take them for a good swim in swimming pools, public pools or any other place where it is safe for canines to swim. Help your dog if it is their first time swimming. As swimming is a weightless exercise, it is easy for the dogs to do it and they also enjoy doing it. Also, note that not all dogs like swimming, so if your dog doesn't like it, then it is better to opt for some other form of exercise. Do not force your pets into doing something they don't want to do.

Agility classes for super active dogs

Do you know that there are dog yoga classes, too, which are known as doga classes? Yes, there are some agility classes and doga centers where your pet can workout. So now, you can also register your pet with such classes and help them stay fit along with working out with them.

Final thoughts

Dogs are lovable and trust me; it is effortless and convenient to make them burn those calories. As they are playful by nature, you do not need to put much effort into exercising your dog. Just find new ways to keep them motivated as they can also get bored with similar exercises just like us humans do. There are many other ways, such as making them dance, playing tug of war, make them chase bubbles and much more. You can follow all or some of the above-stated ways to exercise your dogs and I am sure you will be happy with the outcome.