If you’re living in an apartment and you’re a dog lover, you’ve probably thought a lot about which dog would be the best for such conditions. Usually, people will try to tell you that keeping a large dog in your flat is more of a torture to the animal than anything else, but this isn’t always true. Big dogs have short bursts of energy, and most of them are quite satisfied with just laying around. Of course, there are other breeds of dogs that require more space and more physical activity.

As with all things, you must have the sensible approach with your pet. Keep in mind that dogs are very adaptable and they can be taught to live and function in practically any environment. However, they will need enough exercise, mental stimulation, and comfort if you really want them to stay healthy and happy. We’ve searched the web and we’ve collected some tips and tricks that may come in handy if you’re keeping a big dog in your small apartment. So, without further ado, let’s dive in.

A dog next to a hammock

Walking your dog

When you’re living in a small apartment with your dog, its moving space is quite limited. That’s why you need to make sure your dog has had enough walking for a day. This can sometimes be hard in the big city, because of the traffic and population, but there are some simple tricks to keep in mind.

Make the small walks with your pet count. Getting the mail is an opportunity to stretch, so why don’t you take your dog with you. You can also take it when you’re going to the store, if there’s a space where you can leave it while you’re shopping, and essentially, you can take your dog with you on any type of walk, no matter how short it is.

When you’re living in the city, you also need to change up the route you’re taking. New routes bring new smells and stimulation for your dog, so this is the best way to ensure its happiness. You don’t want your furry buddy to get bored with rigid daily routine.

Dog walker or daycare

When you own a high-energy breed of dog like a Border Collie, for example, you need to know that a walk or two during the day isn’t enough. These energetic breeds really need their exercise during the day, so one of the best solutions is to hire a dog walker or dog runner. They can help out with your dog’s exercise while you’re at work, and you’ll come home to a happy and healthy furry mate.

Another thing you can consider is a doggy daycare. Check the nearby ones to see how much exercise pets get and what type of treatment they have, but keep in mind that some breeds actually really like to sleep during the day, so this solution may be too stimulating for them.

A dog lying on a bed

Finding the perfect apartment

Various studies have shown that pet owners have quite a problem when they’re trying to find a pet-friendly apartment. Living in the big city makes it even harder for dog owners and most people lose hope. There are a lot of complexes that have different pet size, weight and breed restrictions so sometimes you really need to look hard to find what would be the best solution for both you and your furry friend.

If you have a small apartment that’s overcrowded with stuff, consider finding a different place for it. You can always donate the items, sell them, or you can find Supercheap Self Storage solution for all of your excess stuff. Another great thing you can do is to make sure all the neighbors and your landlord know your dog. Show them how well-behaved your dog is, and get renters insurance so you can show everyone that you really care about the place.

In the End...

These are just some of the tips that should help you out with your large canine friend in an apartment. There are other things you can also try. Taking your pet to your friend’s garden, playing around the apartment with your pet, keep chewing toys and snacks around and learn how to listen to your dog. As long as your dog has its own place and you pay enough attention to it and its needs, you will have a happy pet. Small apartments are not ideal, but with a little bit of planning and organizing, both you and your furry mate can enjoy such surroundings.