Tips For Helping Your Dog Stay Well

Pets are a part of the family. In many homes, they are not only family, they are often considered to be like a child. Their needs are quite similar to all of the basic essentials of a human’s. You must consider food, allergies, health conditions and personality traits when making a decision, and you are wholly responsible for their care. When we love, these things are not burdens - they are vitally important to you and deserve your attention. Consider the following suggestions for meeting your furry kid’s requirements for a happy, healthy life in your home. 


Having a dog comes with the inevitable experience of noticing that he or she is scratching a lot more than usual. After watching the shenanigans with a suspicious eye for a day or so, you must admit - your dog has fleas, and from the look of it there are plenty of them. A quick examination and then a cal to the veterinarian will soon soothe the itchy misery, but you also should consider the services of a professional pest control company to be sure that there are no sneaky little stragglers hanging around your home, just waiting for an opportunity to leap onto Fido - or, even worse, onto you! A technician will be able to assess your home and give you a suggestion for the best approach to treatment and prevention. 


You know that junk food is bad for you - you read labels and watch for artificial ingredients, dangerous fats and preservatives. And sadly, this problem is not limited to people's food -  there are many pet foods on the market that would qualify as junk for animals. Read labels on that bag of dog food, and you may be surprised at what you see - a shocking amount of fillers and things that are unpronounceable and unnecessary for your dog’s health. During and after feeding time, you should also try to pay attention to your dog’s behavior. If he seems to be in some kind of distress - no matter how mild it may appear - you may want to do some investigative work to determine whether or not there is an allergy or digestive condition present. Some dogs are sensitive to grain and gluten, and ignoring the problem could lead to serious complications. Watch out for weight loss, failure to gain weight, lethargy and excessive thirst - all of which can be signs of trouble.


The dogs that we now and love as our faithful companions are the descendants of wolves. While your beloved pet may now deeply enjoy snuggle time on the couch with you, she also still has some instincts that should not be forgotten. Canines are built to run and hunt, bask in the sunshine and dig for hidden treats. House dogs may no longer need to track and kill their food, but they do need to get out and commune with nature in order to stay sharp and in top physical condition. If you cannot run with him or her, consider setting up a fenced area on your property so that Fido can run laps and chase butterflies if his heart desires. A tired dog is a happy dog, and a happy dog will be with you for a long time to come!