Fleas, like most other pet parasites, have been on this planet for a long time. They invade homes and irritate our furry friends. Unfortunately, fleas are smart critters and can survive almost anywhere. It is for this reason that it is quite difficult to control them. 

They feed sparingly, hop around quietly and they reproduce at a very fast rate. If action is not taken to eradicate them, they may get out of control.  Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to help you keep your home and pet be flea free. Here are the steps to protect your home and dog from fleas. 

Treat your home and pet for fleas all year

While fleas are common during the summer, a few can also thrive indoors during the winter. For that reason, vets recommend that you perform preventive measures all year as a way of protecting your home and pet. 

You have a range of products to choose from, but be sure to consult your vet for the best products that can meet your pet’s needs. Also, be sure to read and follow your vet’s instructions stating when and how to use flea prevention products. That way, you are sure that your pets and home will remain protected. 

Avoid using old preventive products

If you have been using old preventive products, trade them all in for something much more effective. Old flea products, particularly those whose expiration has passed, tend to lose their effectiveness.

 It is always important to check with the vet for new products that work much better than what you have been using. Alternatively, if you prefer not to use flea prevention product, you can always use dog flea and tick collars

Do regular flea and tick checks

If your home or pet is in a region that is known to have ticks, ensure you do a check every time your pet gets back to the house. Check your pet’s skin, armpits, and ears for fleas or ticks. Pests like Deer ticks tend to bite and attach to the skin. The longer they attach the more likely it is that they will transfer pathogens to your pet. 

Such pathogens cause diseases in dogs such as Lyme. Therefore, the best way for you to prevent this is by checking your pet on a regular basis. Although not all ticks cause diseases in dogs, it is always a good idea to inform your vet when you come across a tick. 

Groom your dog on a regular basis

Grooming your pet on a regular basis helps you spend a good time with your dog. While you are at it, look out for fleas and any other pests that might be hiding in your pet’s fur. 

Clean up the yard

Other than keeping a well-groomed home, ensure you keep your yard clean as well. Mow the lawn on a regular basis because ticks like hiding in tall grass. Fleas, on the other hand, prefer shady places with a lot of plant debris. Collecting tree leaves, tall grass and brush from the yard will reduce the places that fleas can hide. 

Take your pet for regular checkups

An important part of regular checkups is that the vet also checks your dog for signs of fleas and ticks. It is one way for the vet to tell if the flea prevention product you are using on your pet is doing its job. 

Final Word

Fleas can cause a lot of discomfort to you or your pet. In addition, they can also cause diseases to your pet. The best way to keep them off your home of a pet is to carry out regular checks. Go through your pet’s fur and inspect all those areas where they may hide. It would also help if you can keep your yard clean because fleas tend to hide under leaves or brush.