We're excited to announce the second major release of our iOS and Android app. This mobile app is the result of all the user feedback we've received for most of 2015. Here's what we're introducing:

A new, Redesigned Home Screen

Here you can review all the dogs in your life at a glance.

Phone with FitBark home screen

Similar Dogs Insights

Now that we've collected a meaningful amount of data from our early users, we're ready to present you with new statistical insights to help you choose an ideal health goal for your dog. When you edit the goal, we'll now ask you "what lifestyle would you like for your dog?" and present you with 3 options that represent the 50th, 75th and 90th percentile for dogs in the same age and weight group. As you move the slider to adjust the point goal, you can read an implied percentile vs. dogs of the same breed (if available) and vs. all dogs. You'll also find more comparative evidence in the recap journal post that we send you every week.

Phone with BarkPoints screen

TopDog Board

One of the most requested features, the new leaderboard ranks all the dogs in your life so you can enjoy some healthy competition. You can review weekly, monthly and all time rankings, and even message other users via the FitBark journal.

Phone with Top Dog leaderboard screen
We're thrilled to push our iOS and Android versions simultaneously so we can challenge our friends without fur-ther ado.

As always, please reach out from the chat menu in our apps to let us know what you think.