Hello FitBarkers! On the recommendation of countless dog parents and veterinarians, we are excited to announce two new features available to all FitBark users.

Historical Views

These views are your new best friend to get short-term and long-term insights into all the health metrics your FitBark device tracks. How's my pup's activity changing based on daily rest hours and quality of nocturnal sleep? How is weight changing based on total activity, minutes of play time or calories burned? How are the FitBark Health Index and Sleep Score evolving over time, and how do they compare with those of similar dogs? What's the correlation between my activity and that of my dog? On what days, or months did my dog get a bad night's sleep at daycare? In what months was my pup sick, or in best shape last year? How many miles did my dog run in summer vs. winter? Tap the little bone in the standard daily, weekly and monthly views, then select one, or two overlaying metrics and find out!

Historical views on the FitBark app

Weekly Email Report

In addition to a quick in-app weekly card, you can now dive deep into a report that helps you review how the health of all your pups is changing week over week. Make sure to sync your FitBark on Mondays (or just use a Wi-Fi Base Station) so we may send you the report!

Weekly email