Dogs can become paralyzed for varying reasons. It could be because of spinal cord issues, neurological diseases or injuries. They do not stop living and when this happens, they deserve good care and protection just like before.

Some dogs recover from these paralyses but even if they don't, they should still lead a happy life. As the dog owner, how do you care for a paralyzed dog? Let's have a look at different ways you can make the dog continue living:-

Help Your Dog Get Around

As we all know, a paralyzed dog has difficulties moving from one place to the other. The first most important way of caring for your dog is by helping it move around. Buy the best dog wheelchairs from for front and back end support. Seek advice from the nearby pet’s physiotherapist to see which cart is best for your dog.

Be Very Keen on its Diet

A good diet is very vital to the dog's recovery process, so it's best to take your vet's advice on the best diet. Your dog should be fed accordingly and that is the reason a vet should come on board.

Give Them Some Physical Therapy

This is simply exercises that will improve their flexibility and muscle tone. The dog must be able to move around for this to happen. In addition, it's good to give your pup some massage to soothe the muscle and joints and improve blood circulation.

Monitor Your Dog's Bladder

A paralyzed dog may have difficulties urinating on their own. If they are not urinating often, it could cause bladder infections. It could also lead to more serious problems if it spreads to the kidneys. This may make your dog uncomfortable on top of the discomfort from their paralysis issues. Consult a veterinary expert to know the best way to help your dog empty their bladder at least 4 times a day.

Skin Damage

Paralyzed dogs tend to damage their skin while dragging themselves around. If your dog develops sores in certain areas as a result, consult your veterinary expert for help. Sometimes it’s so bad that they need bandaging on the wounds. You can go as far as investing in orthopedic beds which are cushioned to protect your dog's pressure points. 

Keep Your Dog Clean

Paralyzed dogs might not be able to clean themselves. For the sake of both of you, you need to help to keep them clean at all times. If you notice issues with your dog's skin, consult a veterinarian for advice on how to ease the issues. To help avoid messing the house, you can buy dog diapers for your pooch. Keep their skin free from urine as it can cause skin damage and make sure to keep their bed clean to help prevent more skin issues or infections.

Provide Them With Fresh Drinking Water

Water is important to dogs as well. Place fresh water in a place where they can reach it without much struggle.

Go For A Walk Like It Was Your Norm

With the help of special harness, take your dog for a walk every so often. This will keep their mental health intact as they can be exposed to new smells and experiences. Of course, a walk with also help with keeping your dog fit if they are able to some physical activity.