As we enter into a brand new year, we are commemorating on some of the coolest and most memorable accomplishments we’ve made together as a pack in 2013. Many of these couldn’t have been possible without our supporters, our friends, our family, our backers, our fellow dog-lovers and the four-legged little champions we so proudly call our companions. So thank you all for a great year and for making 2013 so remarkable for us.

Here’s a trip down memory lane and a big PAWS UP for a woof-tastic 2014. May the pawsomeness keep coming! :-)

1. Launched FitBark at NY Tech Day

FitBark team in 2013 meeting Beefy the skateboarding bulldog

2. Rocked Kickstarter with the support of some of the world's best dog-lovers

A screenshot of the FitBark Kickstarter campaign in 2013

3. Perfected Google Glass for dogs at Techcrunch Disrupt
Placing Google glasses on a shaggy dog

4. Met Bocker The Labradoodle at the NY Pet Expo

FitBark team meeting Bocker the Labradoodle at NY Pet Expo

5. Got accepted into Friends of eBay in Chelsea NYC

FitBark is welcomed into the Friends of Ebay program

6. Had the first FitBark-enabled doggie face-off covered in a national news outlet

FitBark is put to the test in the NY Daily News

7. Threw plenty of paw-tays (at the eBay office), along with some notable guests

The FitBark team at the Ebay offices

8. Stunned Ice-T with the size of FitBark at the Beth Stern Benefit for the Bulldogs

Michael Chiang meets Ice T

9. Hung out with Beefy The Bulldog

The FitBark team meets Beefy the Bulldog

10. Got mentioned in Entrepreneur Magazine as one of the top 7 wearable devices to be on the lookout for in 2014

FitBark mentioned in Entrepreneur magazine