T-Mobile is known for breaking the rules. For challenging convention. For groundbreaking ideas. And they’ve charged Spotlight with tracking down other companies who share the Un-carrier spirit.

T-Mobile Spotlight allows customers to find innovative, new ideas for mobile-users everywhere. Not just for techies and gadget wizards -- T-Mobile’s rotating selection of genius ideas allows everyone access to more convenience in the everyday.

At FitBark, we share T-Mobile’s desire to bring “futuristic gizmos” into the home of dog lovers and their puppies. We are excited to be a part of this endeavor as a groundbreaking way to foster canine health alongside that of human.

And what FitBark helps pet owners achieve isn’t just in the future. The results we see when you hook a FitBark to your pup’s collar are happening right now. Dog and humans are getting more active and healthy, together.

How many BarkPoints has your pup earned today?