Woof! Team FitBark recently exhibited at the International CES show this past week at Las Vegas and boy did we mark the spot. Not only did we get to speak to so many dog-lovers and proud dog parents who really resonated with our mission, but we also got to meet so many potential buyers, distributors and partners who are all so eager to help elevate FitBark to the next level.

What’s more, the theme this year at the grand tech show was all about wearables and the Internet of Things: connecting your home to the internet, connecting your car to the internet, and (in our case) connecting your pet to the internet. It was great to really see the entire market come to life with all walks of the tech industry now participating in this exciting genre in one way or another (see the Intel Smart Earbuds and Sony SmartBand). All in all, we’re thrilled to have participated.

Here’s some of the highlights of FitBark from the show with a mention of our advisory team and a pawsome partnership, courtesy of VentureBeat. Oh, and we finally met Scott McGregor, the CEO of chip maker Broadcom and a proud supporter and Kickstarter backer of FitBark :)

Davide Rossi at Broadcom