It can be easy to forget that our beloved dogs need exercise! If we neglect this aspect of their lives, we not only get them into a habit of being lazy, but it can impact their health in negative ways. Some common results of lack of exercise include: 

  • Obesity. 
  • Diabetes. 
  • Joint dysplasia. 
  • Boredom. 
  • Depression. 

If you’re too busy to walk your dog every day, fear not! You can still take some easy steps to keep your dog active and healthy. 


Just a few minutes of tug-of-war, throw-the-ball, or wrestle-mania can tire your pup out and burn some extra calories (for them and you!). It really doesn’t take a lot of time - as long as the bit of exercise is at a high intensity. 

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Of course, this also reinforces the bond between pet parent and pup! Your dog will appreciate it, and it could make a great night’s rest for both of you! 

Let Them Chew 

The simple act of chewing hard on something can be quite a decent workout for your dog, especially pups like Pitbulls, Labradors, or Jack Russells that can be aggressive chewers. It works more than just the jaw! Pups need to work those legs to hold onto the toy while they chew. 

Nobody wants their table legs or shoes being destroyed, so a high-quality, non-toxic chew toy is a great idea (and also alleviates boredom and anxiety). 

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Will Work For Treats 

All good boys and girls deserve treats, but an easy way to prevent them becoming a bit pudgy is to use an interactive toy that makes them work for those tasty morsels. 

Whether you choose something simple like a rubber toy stuffed with a treat or a fancier one that dispenses treats when your pup solves a puzzle, these will get your dog burning extra calories. 

Incorporate Your Dog In Your Workout 

If you work out at home, let your dog join in the fun! Dogs get great exercise on the treadmill (always supervise!), or helping mom or dad with lunges, squats, or cardio. 

If you’re short on ideas, try sprints with your dog by your side, squatting while holding your pup (in your arms, not above your head like a bar!) or getting your pup swimming laps with you (make sure they’re okay with being in the water first!). 

A dog lying amongst bluebells

Get Them A Buddy! 

Pet Parents who have space and energy, getting your dog a friend could be the best way to get them active. They’ll keep each other busy during the day, especially if you’re out at work. Make sure you can afford another dog before choosing this option, though. 


Don’t be raising a lazy dog now! It really doesn’t take much time to make sure your dog gets some physical activity every day. Make sure they’re eating a great quality diet and moving more than they have been, and they’ll be on the way to improved health and happiness.