Does your pup like to chew a lot? Imagine arriving home after a long hectic day from work and finding your home décor a shredded mess! It's often a devastating experience. If you've ever experienced such, you'll want to buy indestructible toys for your dog. But what kind of toys are indestructible and suitable for dogs that like to shred? Worry less! You're at the right place! Read through this article to find out what toy is ideal for your dog and find the one that suits its needs. 

Benefits Of Toys For Dogs That Like To Shred

By investing in the right indestructible toy, you can reap the following benefits:

Relieving Anxiety And Stress

When you leave your dog at home alone, he can sometimes get uncomfortable, stressed, or bored and look for something to play with within the house. As a result, he may pick up your leather shoes, tv remote, or chair pillows and chew them to destruction. 

Your pup's constant chewing behavior is often occasioned by stress and anxiety. While humans can use yoga or mediation to relieve stress and anxiety, chewing plays a similar role for dogs. When dogs feel anxious, they resort to chewing to ease the feelings. So, it's essential to buy non-destructible chew toys for your dogs to assist them in remaining calm.

Identifying Possible Health Problems

If your pup likes chewing but then abruptly or gradually gets bored chewing her toy, it might suggest a tooth problem. Dogs don't always express their discomfort or suffering. However, you can easily recognize when something is wrong with your dog based on deviations from their habitual chewing behavior.

When your dog ceases to chew abruptly or perhaps exhibits reduced excitement for crunchy foods or toys and shuns picking up the toy, it's essential to see a veterinarian to screen out any potential health problems.   

Promote Clean Teeth

Chewing helps your dog develop cleaner teeth and prevent pesky plaques. If plaques build up in your pups' teeth, they might result in inflammation of gum and growth of tartar. Unfortunately, more buildup of tartar and plaques leads to the development of periodontal diseases. 

Apart from redirecting your pup's natural chewing inclinations, dog dental treats aid with bad breath. Thankfully, several of the best chew toys include bristles mixed with pleasant scents such as bacon flavor, peanut butter flavor, or even chicken flavor. It's amazing! Right?

Burns Extra Energy

While hiking or taking strolls, throwing a chew toy around for your dog to catch is an excellent way of helping them burn excess calories. Chewing the toys also works out their muscles. 

During unfavorable weather conditions, a psychological muscle flexing and perfect chewing workout are fantastic methods to tire out an energetic dog and relax a hyperactive mind. Moreover, your dog will feel happier when tired and relaxed.

Types of Toys For Dogs That Like To Shred

When shopping for a toy for active chewers, always consider your dog's age and size. Bigger dogs have more robust and heavy-duty jaws, unlike smaller dogs. Therefore, buying a tiny chew toy for a big dog can be hazardous. Besides, you don't want the toy to choke your dog. 

Also, make sure the toy is durable. Aggressive chewers can easily destroy less durable toys. So, find sturdy and classic toys for your dog. Without far much ado, let's check some of the best toys that are good for dogs that like to shred.

Bone Toys

Are you looking for something tasty? Bene toys taste just like real bacon. They are simple to chew and withstand aggressive chewing. Adding on that, most models have curvy designs that provide a paw-grip for easier grabbing. Bene toys were founded on the notion that your dog experience flavor and aroma in ways that humans can't comprehend. They are super tasty and guarantee happiness for your dog when left alone. Moreover, the toys are safe for dogs with strong teeth and heavy-duty jaws.

Rubber Chew Toys

Chew-proof rubber toys are made for medium dogs and feature rubber material used to make aircraft and spaceships, which is incredible! They are unique and come in multiple sizes to excellently fit your dog.

You can find a round-shaped rubber toy with three different layers. If your pup managed to chew past the first layer, it'd expose an inner layer. These toys are generally durable and budget-friendly. The round shape prevents your dog from biting the surface or puncturing the toy. They are ideal for dogs that like to shred.

Dog Puzzle Teething Toys

A puzzle teething toy is yet another good toy that promotes healthy teeth and prevents the formation of tartar and plaques. These tough, long-lasting balls feature non-toxic rubber material that's puncture resistant. 

And don't worry about your dog accepting these toys! The balls feature a special design that enables them to get stuffed with your dog's snack, and not to mention, the mint scent is pleasant for your dog. Moreover, they're ideal for developing an intelligent IQ for your dog hence good for training. 

Chase and Fetch Toys

Chase and fetch toys are suitable toys for your dog's mental stimulation. Mental and physical development is essential for your dog. It contributes to the general healthiness of your dog. KONG-Classic Dog Toy, for example, acts as an aid for separation anxiety, boredom, chewing, weight management, digging, and crate training.

It's ideal for interactive play and also fantastic for fetch games. The chew toy is suitable for stuffing; you can fill the toy with special enticing treats like peanut butter, veggies, kibble, or snacks. KONG-Classic Dog Toy is vet recommended and safe, and durable.

Squeaker Plush Toys

Squeaker toys are soft & durable dog toys that are ideal for cuddling. They often feature a bubble-textured plush reinforced with seams and chew-resistant coating for extra fun. The built-in squeaker is meant for enticing and exciting your dog to satisfy their chewing behavior and hunting instincts. 

What's more, squeaker toys are meant to provide stimulation and enrichment, serving your pup's instinctual and natural behavior hence reducing boredom. They guarantee happiness for your dog.

Final Verdict

With that information, we hope you don't get home again and find a shredded mess! Be sure to provide your dog with plenty of toys and time for exercise while left home alone. It is challenging to purchase a suitable chew toy that does its job, but we hope the above picks fit your needs.