Bully dogs stem from the family of pit bulls that make up less than 6% of the pet dog population in the US. But they are infamous because these canines and their cousins - Pit Bulls - top the lists of the most dangerous dogs. 

But after talking with dedicated Bully dog owners, another side of the story emerges. Bully dogs are playful, intelligent, loyal, affectionate, and cute companions. Any parent willing to go the extra mile to make their fur baby happy would enjoy their companionship. 

But does that mean media reports are false? Read on and consider the Bully dogs and whether they are dangerous. You will also discover facts about the family, why they have a bad rap, and what dedicated owners say. You can decide whether bully dogs are dangerous after reading. 

Quick Facts About Bully Dogs

As the name implies, Bully dogs are from the Pit Bull family. They are not recognized as a breed by the American Kennel Club. However, the United Kennel Club acknowledges them as a breed.

There are various types of Bully Dogs including, American Bully, PitBull Terrier, Boston Terrier, English Bulldog, Staffordshire Bull Terrier, and many more. You can find a more elaborate list in the American Bully Kennel Club. 

This family of dogs is easy to identify by their looks. Some of the features that distinguish them include

  • Rectangular body
  • Wide shoulders
  • Thick bulky head
  • Bead-like eyes
  • Muscular neck and chest
  • Short legs
  • Cropped ears

Some breeders fell in love with these traits and developed new varieties with accentuated features. They are also known as Exotic Bullies. An Exotic Bully is just another variety of the family but with pronounced features. They have enlarged skulls, their chests and necks are wider and more muscular (they look like bodybuilders at their peak), and their muzzles are shorter and have a broader and deeper grin. 

Their looks could send chills down your spine. However, fear of Bully dogs is more of a perception than reality, and here is why.

History and Popular Media

The history of Bully dogs is controversial. Bully dog ancestors - the Pit Bulls - were bred for one purpose; to fight against animals like bears and bulls. Breeders favored and cultivated strength, aggressiveness, and tenacity. But these traits were never to be expressed toward humans.

Not many websites and history books will tell you that dog owners swiftly culled Bully dogs that attacked humans. They were careful to ensure that the trait did not pass on. 

Today, whenever you hear or read about a Bully dog attack, seldom will you get information about the owner. Behind every Bully dog attack, chances are high that there is a careless breeder, a lazy owner, or both.

All Dogs are Individuals

Bully dogs have a bad rap, but they are not the first to be regarded as the most dangerous dogs. The following dog breeds were vilified: Doberman Pinschers, Rottweilers, and German Shepherds. But as it turns out, it was all hogwash. The truth is, any dog could be dangerous. Therefore, we should avoid stereotyping and look at each dog individually. 

If you find an aggressive Bully dog, don’t point to it. Research shows that you should blame the breeder and owner. Next time you experience an aggressive dog or hear about it, don’t point your fingers at the canine. Blame the owner.

The Gentle and Friendly Side of Bully Dogs

Enough said about aggressive behavior in Bully dogs and who is responsible. It turns out that a well-bred Bully dog in the hands of a dedicated parent is a wonderful companion. Here’s what makes Bully dogs excellent pets:

They are easy to train

Bully dogs love to please their owners and are intelligent. Thus, they are easy to train. But you will need to do your part. Have a schedule, be consistent, and monitor your dog. Remember, positive reinforcement works better than dominance. 

They are great for families

Bully dogs are loyal, caring, and protective. They make great family dogs. However, like any other dog, you should be cautious when bringing an adult to your home. Only after you understand their behavior can you let them mingle with the family. 

Bully dogs require little grooming

They have short coats that require brushing about once a week. But keep clipping the nails because they can grow fast.

They are playful 

Bully dogs have lots of energy, and you should channel it towards positive and constructive activities like playing and exercise. Otherwise, if the dog gets bored, he could turn destructive. Have a schedule of enrichment and play activities to keep your pet occupied. On those days when your dog is too energetic, excited, or anxious, CBD dog treats can help you calm him down. 

The bottom line

Bully dogs make excellent companions. But they require our attention, dedication, time, and love. If you fancy owning one, think about the following:

  • Do you have a trusted breeder to source from?
  • Can you sacrifice your time?
  • Will you ensure he is well-trained and prepared to play and exercise with them?

Remember, there are no dangerous dogs out there, but reckless breeders and owners.