One of the most difficult things for any pet owner with a disabled dog is determining how to help live in a way that affords them health, happiness, and dignity. There is nothing more depressing than a forlorn dog laid low by its own body disability.

It is for that reason that dog wheelchairs were created. At their best, they can make an immense impact on your disabled dog’s livelihood, mobility, and state of mind.

Vastly Improved Mobility

A dog wheelchair’s primary goal is to help dramatically improve your pet’s mobility. This is due to the wheelchair’s ability to help them move faster and in a more fluid fashion than may otherwise be possible for them. The wheels give them the balance and momentum necessary to overcome their mobility challenges. What’s more, these wheels can also help them reach areas that would otherwise be inaccessible to them.

In the same way, wheelchairs for humans help them go up ramps and into buildings which would otherwise be inaccessible to them, the same can be true of dog wheelchairs, helping your pet go up ramps leading into and out of key points in your home.

Helping with Speed

In addition to mobility, speed is a major issue for dogs who suffer from mobility issues. Giving them a dog wheelchair can inject speed back into their lifestyle. For instance, a wheelchair for rear limb support can help a hind-disabled pet move across the floor faster than would otherwise be possible in their condition. This added element of speed can also enable them to play with you again in a limited capacity, helping them fetch or go for walks.

Taking a Load Off

Your dog may have a paw or leg which is sore, infected, broken, twisted, or otherwise damaged. If this is the case, putting weight on that paw or leg can be quite painful and counterproductive to the goal of them progressively healing. That’s why dog wheelchairs are a perfect solution for dogs facing these kinds of injuries. They allow disabled dogs some semblance of mobility while keeping them from putting weight or strain on their paws or legs, enabling them to heal.

Adding Stability

In addition, dog wheelchairs provide some much-needed physical stability for dogs who may be lacking it. The wheels can help keep them upright, while the harness system attaches around their waist. Compared to other mobility solutions, dog wheelchairs are comparatively easy for owners to use and for dogs to operate. If your dog looks to have long-term issues walking without assistance, dog wheelchairs may be the best solution.

Improving Their Emotional Wellbeing

Imagine being in your dog’s position, suffering from a significant injury or condition, and unable to move without assistance. Chances are you wouldn’t be feeling all too chipper about your state of affairs. The same likely holds true for your dog. Dogs have a great depth of emotional awareness, and understanding of the diminished position they are in.

It would be enough to depress anyone.

Thankfully, dog wheelchairs can help give your dog an emotional as well as physical lift, and at the same time, lead to a better well being for the whole family.

By restoring some mobility and affording them a greater degree of freedom, dog wheelchairs can help improve a disabled dog’s emotional and physical wellbeing.