If you have an excellent canine buddy to keep you company, you would agree that injuries and scratches are part and parcel of their lives. It might come from a hike in the woods, some over-energetic playtime, or merely a nasty scrape from being too clumsy. 

Sometimes, situations like this demand immediate medical care and a quick visit to the vet. But for the minor incidents that the doggo gets into, there is no need to start panicking just yet. A couple of home remedies are enough to get the pain to subside and the wounds to heal faster than usual.

On that note, here are the five natural remedies for dog injuries that you should keep in mind.

Bringing Hydrotherapy and CBD to the Rescue

Start by hydrotherapy to effectively cure the injuries of your dog. Running water works almost the same way as the bodily discharges, but faster. It will help wash away any debris like pus and dead skin cells that might be forming as the body tries to heal. Furthermore, hydrotherapy stimulates the growth of their healing tissues.

After running cool water on their wound for about ten minutes using a hose or the faucet, let the area dry completely. At this point, before moving on to other remedies, you can use CBD oil for treating the pain and discomfort that your pet might be feeling because of the injury. CBD, in controlled dosage, might interrupt pain signals in the dog's brains.

The Power of Mushrooms for Cell Regeneration

You can never go wrong with mushrooms when it's a matter of natural health for your pet. Specific mushrooms, if given in little quantity, not only help in wound healing but also with building immunity. If you read up about shroomology, you will know a lot about different mushrooms’ healing power.

Pet owners tend to use cordyceps, turkey tail, maitake, shiitake, and reishi mushrooms for their dogs. Each of these options has its individual properties that can help your dogs in multiple ways. For instance, the reishi mushrooms have antiviral, anti-inflammatory, and anti-tumor properties that heal wounds and boost their overall health. Similarly, maitake mushrooms contain antibacterial qualities, and they can also help dogs with existing liver problems.

Lavender Oil for Skin Sores and Minor Cuts

Lavender oil happens to be the most popular essential oil across the world at present, and its benefits extend to your pets, as well. Consider using lavender oil for skin sores and minor cuts on your dog's skin. 

The potent healing properties, pain-relieving, and antimicrobial qualities of the oil make it a handy option to have near at hand for those sudden cuts and scratches. The oil is pretty gentle on their skin so that you can apply it directly to their body. You only need to use a thin film of less than one drop directly on the sore or the cuts. 

Additionally, the wound can get covered with bandages to protect it against any infection or recurring skin sores. Also, make sure to go ahead with the hydrotherapy first before using the lavender oil.

Baking Soda Paste and Benadryl for Stings and Allergies

Benadryl and baking soda are what you need to bring out when the bee stings or the allergies hit. If it's a case of bee stings, try to remove the stinger using the edge of the credit card and then go ahead with the baking soda mix. You will need a teaspoon each of vinegar, cold water, and baking soda to make the paste and apply it to the wound. Let this remain on your dog's skin for about ten minutes before rinsing off.

You can also use a dose of Benadryl at a six hours interval in case you notice any allergic reaction coming up on their skin. It is pretty safe to use for all kinds of allergic reactions in dogs.

Calendula and Symphytum Oil Infusion For Injuries

Let's teach you how to make calendula and Symphytum oil infusion to apply to your pet’s open wounds. You will need calendula flowers and Symphytum leaves, along with extra-virgin, cold-pressed olive oil. Start by filling a jar with the dry herbs and olive oil, and let it remain in a cool, dry place for about six weeks. Finally, strain the mix, and you will get your oil infusion.

This oil infusion comes with antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, which are precisely the things that your dog needs for faster wound healing. Make sure to apply the wound directly on the doggo's skin and cover the area with a bandage to let it soak in and heal.

Final Thoughts

The key to healing your fur buddies does not always have to mean expensive meds or even a visit to the vet. Keep in mind that these remedies are only suitable for minor injuries and scratches. For any significant wound, you should book an appointment with your vet as soon as possible to get the area checked and treated.