We took the following two things into consideration when we were preparing to create a list for pet friendly flowers.

  1. They should be safe for dogs.
  2. They should be attractive and beautiful.

There are many other flowers but we tried to sum the most popular ones according to us. Remember there are some flowers which have many varieties, out of which some are pet friendly and some are not. So please read through the details.


Beautiful and gorgeous, the rose has always been the attention grabbers. One of the most beautiful flowers in the world, it's perfectly safe for your lovely dogs and they can certainly play with it. Just remember that dogs need to be careful around the thorns, as they can be painful if they are mistakenly swallowed.

African Violets

The best thing about these flowers is that they come in many different colors, ranging from pink to purple to yellow, just to name a few. Due to their attractive colors, your dogs will be very happy to play with them and you can allow them to play because they are completely safe. As as added perk, they are also easy to take care of. 


This is quite a familiar name. Orchids are pleasant to the eyes, come in amazing colors, and they are generally non-toxic or non-poisonous. Although they are difficult to cultivate, because of the beauty they are worth it. Most of the varieties of orchids are safe but it's always recommended to ask before you buy. A few of the safe varieties for pets include:

  • Brazilian orchid
  • Christmas orchid
  • winter orchid
  • Cocktail orchid

Bee Balm

Generally famous for their great smell and bright colors, these flowers can be a great option for your garden. Your dog can easily sniff or play with them because they are completely safe. The range of colors for these flowers is from pink to very bright red. The height for this flower is from 3 to 4 feet and can grow well in either the sun or the shade—one of the easier and economic options.


These flowers are also non-poisonous to dogs or cats, but you need to be careful about the stems and leaves as they may have resin or fiber which may cause some skin allergies. The reason why this flower is in the list is the fact that this happens rarely, only really occurring when the dog jumps into the plant and can get irritation or allergies. These plants need sunlight to grow and can grow as tall as 8 to 9 feet.


This flower is one of my favorites, but it comes with a twist. As per ASPCA, it is specified as non-toxic and non-poisonous for Horses and dogs but on the contrary, they are not good for cats at all. If you are household like mine, where you have both cats and dogs, then this may not be your flower. The cat's digestive system does not have a great relationship with this flower, and may lead to kidney failure. For dogs, some types are non-toxic. Make sure to remember that you have different types of lilies the ones which are classified as safe are:

  • Tiger Lily
  • Peruvian Lily
  • Daylily
  • Easter Lily

 Other types of lilies may or may not pose danger to your dog but it's better to avoid them.


One of the great looking and pet-friendly flowers is aster. This flower comes in many colors like blue, white, or pink. This flower is not only good for animals, but it also attracts bees, butterflies, and even birds. Some of the mentionable varieties of Aster are:

  • New England Aster
  • health Aster
  • white wood Aster


There are many stories about this flower and legend believes that this flower can save you from envy. They are great pet-friendly and beautiful flowers coming from the family of daisy. The best time to bloom is summer and they are multicolored with the wide range from purple to red and blue.


When I was a kid, the simplest two names of flowers were roses and sunflowers. Coming with a natural phenomenon of facing the sun, it's as attractive to animals as it is to human beings. Sunflower skin is swallowed, played with, for sniffed without any danger; even its petals are used medically to cure a few diseases so it's completely safe to eat. 

Even the seeds of the sunflower are of utmost importance. People not only use them for snacks, but they also have a great number of minerals like Phosphorus, vitamin, and magnesium.


I don't know why but whenever I see these flowers, I remember pumpkins! They look beautiful and have a variety of colors ranging from yellow to blue and red. These flowers are safe for animals including dogs and cats. 

How to know your dog has plant poisoning

There is no sure shot way to know that your dog has plant poisoning as symptoms may vary depending on the flower or the plant.

Pets are like children; we must keep a close eye on them to see if something is going wrong or "not normal".

 The following may be some symptoms to look for:

  • Loss of appetite
  • Dehydration
  • Vomiting
  • Bleeding gums
  • Agitation
  • Nosebleed

If you see these types of symptoms, please make sure to go to a doctor. delay can cause severe side effects.

Plant poisoning can be the same as food poisoning as a normal pet owner you cannot differentiate between both but in both cases, you need to go to a doctor.

How to protect your dogs from these situations

Remember it's always good to take precautionary measures because care is better than cure, but for some reason, if you have any plants which could be toxic or poisonous to your pets, you can do the following:

Make a pet repellent spray: spraying vinegar or a cinnamon pepper sprinkle and repel your pets from the plants.

Designate a corner: for all the poisonous or toxic plants you know you can designate a corner in your house where you don't allow your pet to go. you can Train Your dogs not to go there without your supervision.