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FitBark GPS

Dog Health & Location Tracker (U.S. Only)

Every day, get alerted when your pup leaves a safe place. In case of emergency, track your dog nationwide from your mobile phone. With 24/7 activity & sleep monitoring and our new Fitbit Watch Face, FitBark GPS is a new way to motivate you and your dog to be active, explain changes in behavior, and make better decisions about mobility, anxiety and skin conditions.


  • 1 FitBark GPS
  • 2 Black Covers
  • 10 Zip Ties
  • 1 Charging Cable
  • 1 Quick Start Guide
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30-day money back guarantee on all plans

Activate your FitBark GPS from the mobile app. Our monthly plan comes with absolutely no commitment!

$6.95 / MONTH
  • SAVE 30%
  • Billed Biannually

$9.95 / MONTH
  • Billed Monthly

FitBark GPS uses an embedded cellular data connection to track your dog nationwide. This subscription is not related to that of your phone. Subscriptions are activated via the FitBark mobile app, with payment for the billing period selected due at activation. Pause and reactivate without any dormancy fees. No partial refunds. Learn more about our subscription refund policy here.

Fits dogs of any size

FitBark GPS is waterproof and tug-of-war certified. 3 lbs and 240 lbs pups welcome!

Here’s how it compares with a standard AA battery, pictured here for scale only. At 17 g, it’s slightly heavier than half an ounce.


Dock diving champion? No pawblem! With an IP67 rating, it can be submerged up to 1 meter for up to 30 minutes.

FitBark GPS attaches to your favorite collar with two strong zip ties that also help it maintain an extra flat profile.

Most pups typically recharge every 2-3 Weeks

But every dog is unique! Here's what you can expect in different scenarios.

Always with Mom or Dad: 30+ Days

Your dog is always within Bluetooth range of your phone, or that of another owner. All owners keep the FitBark mobile app running in the background at all times, including at night, with Bluetooth on.

Mostly Home or at Daycare: 20 Days

Your pup is typically in a safe place with good Wi-Fi signal. A couple of 30-minute daily walks without any Bluetooth connectivity (no owners nearby, or no FitBark mobile app running in the background).

Enjoys Daily Time Alone: 10 Days

Your dog is typically in a safe place with good Wi-Fi signal. Enjoys spending a few hours a day outside without any Bluetooth connectivity (no owners nearby, or no FitBark mobile app running in the background).

Lost Dog: 4 Days

Your pup is outside of a Wi-Fi safe place, somewhere in the U.S. with good cellular coverage. No Bluetooth connectivity (no owners nearby, or no FitBark mobile app running in the background).

These scenarios assume a fully charged battery. Results will vary depending on Bluetooth and Wi-Fi availability, cellular coverage and other factors.


Create multiple safe zones around familiar Wi-Fi networks (e.g. home, daycare, friend’s house) and get alerted when your pup leaves or enters one of these safe areas.


In case of emergency, quickly track your pup nationwide via the embedded cellular service. Receive 1-minute location updates until you reunite with your dog.


Track minute-by-minute activity, sleep quality, distance traveled, calories burned, and overall health and behavior. Rank your dog vs. breed, age and weight peers.


Link your Fitbit, Apple HealthKit or Google Fit device and review progress side-by-side.


Monitor mobility, anxiety and skin diseases through changes in behavior and sleep habits.


Most pups typically recharge for two hours every 2-3 weeks. Worry less about recharging and more about bonding with your pup!


XXX-S and XXX-L dogs welcome! Works w/ collars < 1.5" (38 mm). Made of high-impact polycarbonate, durable on land and underwater.


Choose the color cover that matches your pup's personality (additional covers sold separately).


The foundation for precise activity monitoring used by vet schools and research institutions worldwide.

3-axis accelerometer

0.35 oz (17 grams)

1.86″ x 1.18″ x 0.61″
(47 mm x 30 mm x 15 mm)

Fits dogs of any breed, size and weight
(Yes, 3 lbs and 240 lbs dogs are OK!)
Fits collars not wider than 1.5″ (38 mm)

Waterproof IP67 (Can be submerged up to 1 meter for up to 30 minutes)

Uses GPS, local Wi-Fi and cell tower data

U.S. Nationwide coverage via embedded sim card

Connects to multiple networks
Supports 2.4 GHz networks only
Sync range: up to 150 ft (46 m)
Health data syncs hourly
Sync requires an internet connection

Uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)
Sync range: up to 30 ft (9 m)
Sync requires an internet connection

iOS: Devices with Bluetooth 4.0 and up running the current official iOS version or the previous one.
Android: Devices with Bluetooth 4.0 and up running Android 7 and above.

Lithium-ion Polymer (Recharges in 2 hours without removing unit from collar)

Up to 100 days of minute-by-minute data

Operating temp: -4°F to 122°F (-20°C to 50°C)
Storage temp: -22°F to 140°F (-30°C to 60°C)

Can I get a refund for the unused part of my subscription?

All our plans are prepaid, and we do not offer any refunds beyond 30 days of activating a new subscription. While we don’t offer refunds on the unused parts of your subscription, we offer a monthly option that comes with no commitment. If you are unsure whether the FitBark GPS is for you, we encourage you to start on the monthly plan before moving to our annual or bi-annual plans.

Can I get the FitBark GPS if I don’t live in the US?

At this time, the FitBark GPS is only available to pups who live in the United States. We’re looking at ways to expand coverage to more countries in the future.

Can I keep my existing profile if I upgrade to a FitBark GPS?

You can upgrade your FitBark or FitBark 2 to a FitBark GPS while retaining your dog's profile, as well as all historical data. On your dog profile page, tap “Replace or Upgrade FitBark”, then “Remove Device” and “Assign a new FitBark”. Please follow the on-screen instructions to set up Safe Places and select a Subscription Plan.

Can I monitor health with the FitBark GPS without a subscription?

No. The FitBark GPS requires a subscription plan to function. If you are interested in monitoring your dog’s health without any monthly fees, the FitBark 2 is what you’re looking for! On the other hand, if you would like to pause your subscription, simply cancel your plan and we won't charge you until you are ready to start over again. There are no fees associated with keeping a plan dormant.

Can I purchase a subscription plan on the FitBark store?

At this time, it's only possible to activate a FitBark GPS device by purchasing a subscription in the mobile app. Please note: To activate a FitBark GPS device, you will need the device next to you.

Can I use my current collar with the FitBark 2/GPS?

The FitBark 2 and the FitBark GPS will work with most collars up to 1.5” (38.1 mm) wide.

Does the FitBark GPS require a subscription?

Yes, you need a subscription to use the FitBark GPS. Check out our plans here. You may only activate a FitBark GPS device by purchasing a subscription in the mobile app. Please note: To activate a FitBark GPS device, you will need the device next to you. If you don’t need location tracking, the FitBark 2 Dog Health Monitor is what you’re looking for!

How can I check if there is cellular coverage in my area?

As long as you have 4G LTE Verizon coverage in your area, the FitBark GPS will have a signal. We suggest checking out their coverage map to ensure that your FitBark GPS will work near your home and the surrounding areas.

How can I edit, cancel or pause my subscription?

Editing a subscription plan You may edit your plan at any time from the FitBark app. Under your dog profile, tap on “Subscription Plan Status”, then “Edit Plan”. "Edit Plan" allows you to change your subscription plan starting from the next billing cycle (end of 1 month, 1 year or 2 years). To allow for processing time, you may edit your plan up to 48 hours before the billing period ends. Canceling a subscription plan To cancel your subscription, tap “Disable Auto Renewal”. At the end of the current billing cycle (end of 1 month, 1 year or 2 years), we will not charge you again and your subscription will stop. Pausing a subscription plan To pause a subscription, simply cancel your existing plan (“Disable Auto Renewal”) and we won't charge you again. We don't charge any fees for dormant subscriptions, and you can restart them at any time.  

How does the FitBark GPS compare to other dog GPS trackers?

While we prefer not to comment on other products, we focus on: A small product size (0.35 oz or 17 grams), suitable for dogs of all sizes (including 3 lb and 240 dogs) A flat product design that does not stick much out of the collar A friendly battery life (most pups tend to recharge every 2-3 weeks)* Easy integration with your favorite human fitness tracker (we even have a Fitbit Clock Face available) The ability to quantify changes in mobility, anxiety and skin conditions (our platform is used by 100+ vet schools and research institutions) A 30-day money back guarantee on all our subscription plans A monthly plan that comes with no long-term commitments *By setting up multiple Wi-Fi safe zones and linking multiple owners you might go longer (depending on Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and cellular connectivity)

How does the FitBark GPS locate my dog?

Your dog's FitBark GPS has three typical modes of functioning throughout the day. Within a Wi-Fi Safe Place When a FitBark GPS is within a Wi-Fi Safe Place, your pup’s location is reported at the center of the Safe Place. In this mode, the “Find Dog!” button is not enabled. Bluetooth connected to an owner When the FitBark GPS is Bluetooth connected to an owner’s smartphone and outside of a Wi-Fi Safe Place, your dog's location will be reported every minute only when the smartphone is able to get an accurate location. For best experience, please leave your smartphone’s Wi-Fi and Bluetooth turned on at all times. In this mode, the “Find Dog!” button is not enabled. No Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connectivity ("Lost Dog" mode) When the FitBark GPS  is not within a Wi-Fi Safe Place and not Bluetooth connected to an owner’s smartphone, we will periodically attempt to provide an approximate (best estimate) location of your pup. The FitBark GPS optimizes battery life by leveraging GPS location,…

How long does FitBark GPS’s battery last for?

To review a table that describes the expected battery life of your FitBark GPS, please head over here.

If my dog is microchipped, why would I need a FitBark GPS?

We say get both! Your dog’s microchip and the FitBark GPS play perfectly together. With the FitBark GPS, you get alerted when your pup leaves a safe place, and you can track his/her location nationwide at any time from your phone. This could be priceless if your dog manages to escape at some point. More importantly, FitBark devices monitor your dog's health and behavior 24/7, potentially enabling you to catch early signs of illness and making better decisions about mobility, anxiety and skin conditions. Microchipping your dog is your wonderful Plan B because, technology! Yes, you may need a stranger kind enough to take your pup to a veterinarian or a shelter. Yes, it may take weeks, or even months to get your dog back. However, microchips have no batteries to recharge, and do not suffer from cellular network coverage limitations or outages. Long live the microchip!

Is the FitBark GPS available in different sizes?

The FitBark GPS is available in one size. At 17 grams, it’s small and lightweight, and can be worn 24/7 by dogs of any size.

Quick overview of the FitBark GPS app

Here's a quick overview of the main screens of our app as relates to the FitBark GPS.

What are the differences between FitBark 2 and FitBark GPS?

The main difference between the FitBark 2 and the FitBark GPS is location tracking. The FitBark GPS has an embedded cellular connection that allows it to be traceable anywhere it has a cellular signal in the U.S. (powered by Verizon). In addition, it provides Wi-Fi safe place entry/exit alerts, and it periodically syncs a dog’s health data (typically every hour) via Wi-Fi without requiring a smartphone nearby like the FitBark 2. These additions make the FitBark GPS a tiny bit bigger than the FitBark 2 (17 grams vs. 10 grams - yet suitable for pups of any size), and come at the expense of battery life. While the FitBark 2 has a battery life in the range of months, the FitBark GPS can typically go on for a few weeks before needing to be recharged. Finally, the FitBark GPS comes with a subscription plan, while the FitBark 2 does not have additional fees.

What cellular network do you use? Can I use my phone’s plan?

The FitBark GPS uses Verizon’s 4G LTE network to send real-time location updates to our server, and to the FitBark app. Our subscription is separate from the service plan you already have for your mobile phone.

What’s included in the FitBark GPS box?

FitBark GPS Dog Health Monitor 2 Black Covers 10 Zip Ties You will require 2 every time you move your FitBark 2 to a different collar. Need more? Head over to our store and fetch a pack with 24 extra. Charging Cable Quick Start Guide

Where can I purchase a subscription for the FitBark GPS?

At this time, it’s only possible to activate a FitBark GPS device by purchasing a subscription in the mobile app. Please note: To activate a FitBark GPS device, you will need the device next to you.

Why does the FitBark GPS require a subscription?

The FitBark GPS uses Verizon’s nationwide 4G LTE network to communicate with our servers and the FitBark app. In the same fashion as your mobile phone generates data fees, the SIM card integrated in the FitBark GPS generates data fees. Your subscription helps us cover these costs, as well as other third-party charges we sustain when we need to get an approximate location of your dog by scanning Wi-Fi networks nearby.

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FitBark 2 & GPSZip Ties Pack

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