The COVID-19 crisis has certainly taken a toll on our psychological and physical state, and the more time we spend in lockdown, the more we develop feelings of anxiety and stress. The solution? Well, one of the best things you can do to counteract any negative feelings is to start working out – with your furry friend, of course. Your best friend in the world could use some exercise anyway and working out together is one of the best ways to support your dog’s wellness and long-term health.

Plus, there are ton of fun activities you can do together than simply going for a walk, and there are numerous ways you can support your health overall. That’s why today we’ll be taking a look at some awesome fitness and dog safety tips that will help you and your loving pooch stay healthy throughout the pandemic. 

Have a daily doga session

No matter if you’re stuck in quarantine or if you’re still allowed to go on lengthy walks with your pooch, there’s nothing wrong with introducing a daily yoga session into your schedule. The technical term you’re looking for here is doga, and while you would usually have to join a group class for this, you can also learn to do it at home. All it takes is some patience and persistence, but once you master its fundamentals, it can be a really restorative experience for both.

The key is to get your dog to mimic you as you stretch and do your poses, and the one you should start with is, of course, the downward dog. This is the easiest one for dogs to mimic, and it will really stretch out their back, glutes and hind legs, and just their entire body in general. Once you’ve mastered the downward dog, you can start working on more advanced poses – which is a great way to spend quality time together.

Take your best friend for a run

Of course, there’s probably not an activity that dogs love more than simply running around, but if you give this activity some structure and a clear direction, it can become even more exciting and rewarding for them. Always remember that dogs love having a goal, and even though they love running around aimlessly, they love running towards something or with someone even more. So, going out for a run with your dog can be one of the best activities you do together.

Jogging with your dog can help you battle and eliminate all of that stress and anxiety that has built up during this troubling time, and it can really help you clear your head quickly. Just make sure to pace yourself and make frequent breaks to let your pooch recuperate – keep in mind that humans are evolutionarily predisposed for long marches and jogs, and your pooch might not be able to keep up at all times.

Fuel yourself and your puppy

Fitness is not just about working out, it’s also about fueling your body with the right nutrients to keep your body healthy and strong, and to safely push your limits with every training session. This means that you should tidy up your nutrition, and that you should optimize your dog’s nutrition as well. While you should focus on getting plenty of protein in through meals and maybe a premium isolate protein shake after your workout, your pooch should have a strict eating schedule that won’t interfere with its fitness routine.

Always remember that dogs have sensitive stomachs, and you shouldn’t force yours to eat before or after working out with you. Instead, make sure they have plenty of fresh water available, and make them wait for their evening meal once their tummy has had enough time to settle down. Again, emphasize a protein-rich diet to supper such an active lifestyle.

Take your dog on a road trip

There’s probably no better way to tame your wild new puppy than to simply tire him out. And the best way to do that besides throwing the ball around for two hours is to take them on a lengthy road trip. If you’re able to go outside and into the great outdoors, this can be a challenging activity for both of you, and an amazing bonding experience. Make sure that your pooch is on a lengthy leash at all times so as not to lose them on your walks and treks, and have the vet give them all the shots and the necessary medication to ward off parasites. 

Let your pooch help with your home workout

Last but not least, you can always get creative with some at-home resistance training with your dog. Tug of war is always a great way to work up a sweat and bond with your best friend, but so is doing planks and pushups with your dog on your back, or holding your pooch in your arms as you do some weighted squats.

Wrapping up

To battle the negativity and anxiety produced by the COVID-19 crisis, you really should consider introducing a fitness routine in your life. And what better way to start than by coming up with fun and rewarding ways to include your best friend in your fitness lifestyle?