Bringing home a puppy is one of the most wonderful experiences for any new dog owner. You may be imagining the world of possibilities ahead for both of you in this new journey. If you are imagining traditional behavioral training and a good old game of fetch, you will likely be surprised at the vast number of options available to you. There is a whole world of behaviors and fun that can influence the course of your relationship. If you are looking for unique ways to interact with your new pup, here are some game-changing ideas for you and your canine companion.

Backyard Swimming

Getting your dog moving is an important part of keeping them healthy. Physical activity also has the benefit of helping you avoid behavioral issues. While you may be accustomed to taking dogs on walks, there are plenty of other ways to get their hearts pumping. Teaching your dog to swim is a must-try activity for any active dog owner. The time and energy saved will be well worth the inground pool prices when you have this long-term solution for you and your dog’s wellness.

Beach Trips

If your dog loves the water and loves to run around, you need to find a dog-friendly beach. Whether your pup enjoys running around the beach, splashing along the shoreline or running into the waves, this is a great way to burn off some energy. Not to mention that socializing with other dogs is another important step of dog ownership. If you want a change of scenery and a place to play, make sure that you book a beach trip for yourself and your furry friend.

Proper Socialization

While many dog owners invest in socializing their pups at home, it is just as important to properly socialize them outside of your home. Ensuring that they know how to respond safely to strangers, interact well with others and avoid posing an unnecessary risk is essential to your pup’s path. Whether you plan puppy playdates or take your dog to your local dog park, this is extremely important.


Many owners are familiar with basic behavioral training for their dogs. If your dog has an even and calm temperament, you may also want to consider expanding their training so that they can learn to help others. Everything from therapy dog training to agility to service training can teach your pup valuable skills. Depending on what your needs are and what you hope for your dog, there are a wide array of paths that can give your dog an extra sense of purpose.

Obstacle Courses

Whether your dog enjoys a challenge or you are looking for a way to boost their mental stimulation, an obstacle course can be a fun way to get them moving. You train them to compete in shows or just set up backyard obstacle courses for them to run through, this can be a lot of fun for both owner and pup. With new challenges and tricks, you can turn their everyday exercise into something new and exciting.

Tricks and Games

While you may be used to games like fetch and tricks like sitting and rolling over, there is a whole world of options out there. Whether you play hide and go seek where you hide or you hide their toys or you teach them how to dance, engaging your dog mentally is a smart move. You can even expand their repertoire beyond impressive party tricks. You can teach your dog to locate their toys or your belongings or clean up after themselves by placing their toys and stuff back in a basket. These impressive skills are not just fun, but they can also be incredibly useful.

Communication Skills

It is not always easy to find ways to communicate with your dog and it can be a challenge to know what they want. These days many dog owners are teaching their dogs to communicate in a variety of ways. Whether this is asking questions and having them respond with an action, barking to reply to questions or teaching your dog to use talk buttons, you may be surprised at the ways that you can teach your dog to communicate. This valuable skill can make your daily interactions a lot easier and more fun.

When you bring home your pup, you have a world of possibility ahead of you both. While you can teach standard parlor tricks and traditional behavioral training, there is so much more out there. You can truly transform your dog into a man’s best friend with these amazing interactions.