Do you wish to make dog baths easier? I bet you do. Dogs are good at cleaning themselves, but giving a bath to your puppy is still very important. We need to provide them with a tub whether they live in your house or go outside. Bathing dramatically improves the quality of your puppy's life. 

Moreover, training your dog to behave during a bath and stay clean is essential. Training is the best way for you to wash your dog quickly. Also, bathing is easy if you are close to your dog and praise them before and after the bath. 

There are a lot of myths that bathing strips your dog's oils, but it doesn't, you can bathe them more often. It also reduces allergies and health issues. 

Let's jump into the article to know more about the top 6 tips to make your dog baths easy!

Brush Your Puppy Before Bathing Time

Brushing your puppy’s hair before going for a bath will help you get rid of tangles. It will also save your drain from getting dirty by the dog’s hair. 

Water makes tangles worse, so you should brush your puppy's hair BEFORE you bathe and ensure that if they are a cavapoo, they have Cavapoo haircuts for a leisurely bath! 

Moreover, you can use the three towel trick. It means having three towels; one is to hold them, second to dry them, and third where they will sit, making them slip-resistant. If you have a big dog, they might need one more towel. 

You need to use warm water to make your bath easy. The sound of tap water can make them anxious, so you may want to fill the tub beforehand. 

Gather Your Supplies

Whether you are bathing your dog at home or at a dog wash station, ensure you have placed things within arm's reach. It would help if you kept all the essentials on the shelf around you. 

Having all of these things around you will help you easily bathe your furry friend. Make sure to use mild shampoos and conditioners to avoid skin issues and allergies. If you gather all the supplies beforehand, you will not get frustrated while bathing your dogs. 

You will need these things to bathe your dog easily:

  • Dog brush and a comb. 
  • Three or more towels. 
  • A dog shampoo and a conditioner. 
  • Facial wipes for cleansing and washcloth. 
  • Praise. 
  • Non-slip bath mat. 
  • Blow dryer. 

Give Plenty Of Praise And Treats

Puppies become anxious when it comes to bathing. To help calm your puppy down, you need to praise it before, during, and after a bath so that they learn that bathing is a positive experience. You can also keep treats on hand that will make them happy while bathing. 

If your dog becomes more anxious, you can involve another family member to hold your dog during bath time. Also, they can praise your dog and calm him. 

Prep Your Puppy’s Ears

If you keep shampoo and conditioner away from the dog's face, it will help keep shampoo away from their eyes and ears. You need to keep their ears protected to avoid any ear infections in the future. Also, you can keep cotton in your puppy’s ears to dry them while bathing. 

Moreover, you can use facial wipes to clean your dog’s face, ears, and eyes. It will make them stay away from any infections in the future. Rather than using scrubs or cleansers, it’s the best way to clean your dog, and you can also use the dog ear positions chart for ease. 


Before putting shampoo on your puppy’s coat, ensure it is entirely soaked, including its underside. For breeds like golden retrievers, this might take some time because of their double coat. 

Double-coated breeds have an undercoat to keep them warm in winter and longer overcoats to save them from sun rays. Throw a towel on them to dry them quickly. If you have a long-haired dog, this is a unique trick to bathe them. 

It is the most simple trick. Also, please don't make them shake their head, as they may be unable to rotate their head. 

Dry Thoroughly

Dog owners know some dogs get irritated by being wet. Your puppy also gets cold after a bath, just like humans. If you have bathed your dog, don’t let them go out in mud or grass, as all your hard work will be wasted. 

You can keep a separate towel or a different place to dry your dog. Also, you can use blow dryers if your dog is fondant to them. Try using them at low heat, as they may harm your dog's coat and skin. You can also look into purchasing a special blow dryer for your dogs. 

Summing Up

These are incredible ways to make your puppy’s bath easier. A dog's bath can never be hassle-free but you can take the proper steps to make your dog’s bath easy. 

Taking care of your dog is tricky as you must create an friendly environment. We all know dogs need care and love, but they do need baths. Baths help them stay healthy and happy. Bath time for dogs can be challenging, but it's never impossible. 

By following these easy steps, you can give a healthy life to your puppy.