That is never the question for my dog Louis (the Maltese in the pic). As a natural born watchdog, he is always alert, filled with determination and barks often, though rarely for a valid reason. His nickname, the Self-Claimed World’s Happiest Dog, is partially true because of the fact that I always try my best at being a responsible dog owner. I’m always very concerned with my dog’s health and happiness as he is my buddy, my pal, my companion and in many ways, my four-legged kid.

So you can probably imagine how excited I was when I discovered the world of fitness tracking and wearable computing. Immediately after purchasing a Fitbit for myself, I was amazed with the amount of insight it gave me on my physical wellness. I wanted to get hold of the same kind of data for my dog but found that besides a bunch of GPS trackers and shock collars (I’m shocked that they still use such methods!) I couldn’t find any product that came close to helping me stay connected with Louis and giving me real-time insights into his safety and physical well-being. Nevertheless, it was safe to say the pet market was really falling behind on applying today’s technologies to life with our dogs.

That’s why we've built FitBark, a bone–shaped fitness tracker for our dogs to wear on their collar. The purpose is to help us check on our dogs as often as we like, receive insight on how our dogs are really doing throughout the day, and let us know when to take action so that we can keep them healthy and happy. And have you ever noticed how some dog products are all big and clunky? Well, we would never want to wear anything bulky around our necks and we sure wouldn’t want our dogs to either. So we made sure to design our device with a dog’s point of view in mind and kept FitBark tiny, tough and light enough that even a 10-lb Maltese can rock comfortably.

Our goal here at FitBark is to improve pet fitness and make pet parenting fun, stylish and responsible. In the foreseeable future, we believe that wearable technology, and the area of "Quantified Self" in particular, will become mainstream for humans, and we expect that this will be the case for our pets as well. We playfully refer to this as “Quantified Woof!”.

If you ever asked yourself “Am I a good enough dog parent?”, if you ever questioned how your dog is doing while you’re away or at work, or if you’ve even tried strapping a Fitbit onto a dog, please reach out to us to share your amazing pet parenting story.

Live, Love, and Bark Loudly!