If you consider traveling with your dog, make sure you make it an amazing experience. A relaxing trip can easily turn into a scary episode if you don’t take proper care of everything beforehand. It’s important to have everything prepared for your excursion, and make the best out of your adventure. There are certain questions you should ask yourself before traveling.

What is Your Dog’s Personality?

Make sure you are well aware of your dog’s character. In case something happens, you must know how to react, and take care of your pet the best way you can. Main personality types:

  • The Self-Confident Dog – if you dog is confident on its forces, it will be more than ready to go on an adventure with you. He will feel safe, and will be truly disciplined throughout your journey.
  • The Shy Dog – if, on the other side, you dog is shy, you might want to take care. If they are not daring or willing to follow you, you two might have difficulties traveling together.
  • The Chill Dog–if your dog has a happy and chill personality, you won’t have any problems taking it with you. Be aware that he might be a little bit confused, but will easily get along with any dogs or humans you mightencounter on your way.
  • The Dog That Adapts – if your dog is used to big changes and traveling a lot, going on an adventure should not be a problem!

Pay attention to your pet’s personality and make sure you know them well before traveling together. It’s important for them to trust you and for you to trust them as well.

Where Are You Traveling?

Carol Manfred, world traveler and freelancer at Aussie Writing assignment service, shares her opinion.

“Finding pet-friendly places is a must. Plan everything in advance just to make sure you won’t have any problems once you get there. Try calling every single one of the camping sites beforehand. Watch out! You’ll need to find pet-friendly trails as well if you don’t like keeping your dog on a leash. After all, they should enjoy nature as much as you do!”

  • Before you arrive to your destination, make sure your dog is well-trained and can easily listen to your commands
  • It’s important for your dog to be responsive– dogs are curious animals who’ll find dangerous snakes and bears in a second. If you notice something strange and ask them to come back, they should do it without questioning it.

Practice training for at least one month before heading to your campsite. Teach them the important commands and proper rules!

Are You Prepared for Emergencies?

As nature, dogs can be really unpredictable too. Take the necessary precautions before leaving home. Pack the essentials:

  • A laminated ID of your dog, containing his health records and your contact info
  • A light muzzle
  • Tweezers and rubbing alcohol in case you need to remove ticks
  • A big blanket for emergency reasons (try to take a warm one with you!)
  • Blunt nose pliers and betadine for dog porcupine quills
  • Heavy socks or special boots to protect their feet from very hot or cold weather
  • A manual on how to treat pets if they are injured
  • A close-by vet’s contact details

It’s crucial to be prepared when camping. Better safe than sorry, right?

Have You Packed the Essentials?

After packing the emergency gear, it’s time to pack the essentials. So, what are your dog’s main necessities?

  • A doggy water bottle and water bowls
  • Lightweight food for their travels
  • If your dog is able to carry something with his/her, a special dog backpack
  • Doggy flashing light
  • Don’t forget the emergency equipment specified above!

You won’t have to spend lots of money on dog gear if you are going to camp really close to your home. If you do travel far away, make sure you buy all of the aforementioned essentials.

Can Your Dog Behave at the Camping Site?

It’s important to teach your dog how to act in a public space, especially if you are camping with them. The campsite is the best way to teach them important manners and see how well you trained them. Make sure campers are not bothered by your dog’s behavior.

  • Teach your dog a specific recall command
  • Pick up your dog’s waste (use special bags to do it!)
  • Don’t let your dog out of your eye sight – you never know when they might get lost

Teach them how to behave before arriving to the camp site. If your dog is not properly trained, other people living at the campsite will be truly bothered by their conduct. Make sure you practice before arriving, and know your dog’s limits!

Prepared to Have Some Fun?

Last but not least, have fun with your dog! Camping is an amazing opportunity to bond with your pet, and get to know them even better. You can’t beat the amazing sounds of nature and campfires along with your beloved one!

Wrapping Up

When traveling with your pet, make sure you take all the necessary precautions: pack an emergency kit, all their necessary belongings, teach them how to behave, and don’t forget to have fun!