Hot summer days are almost over and your dog’s fur is starting to grow faster. As autumn hits the doorstep, you have to come up with activities to keep your dog in their best condition. Since its outdoor movement will be pretty restricted for the next few months, your job is to come up with activities and games that will keep your dog healthy and happy. Yes, it may sound easy at first, but dogs need variety and providing all that attention can be exhausting. To help you out, here is a list of activities that will help you keep your dog healthy and active once the summer has ended.

Dogs love to run. Let them run!

If it is too cold to let them go outside or the rain just doesn’t seem to stop, be creative and find a way to help your dog release all that stored energy. One thing you can do is buy a dog treadmill. It is small and it won’t take much of your house space. Your dog will love it and at the same time, remain healthy and strong. Keep your dog engaged by letting him run on it several times a day and worry not about potential diseases and problems.

Games are fun

If you have enough free time, consider playing with your dog inside the house. Simply get a small ball that can fit in its mouth and teach it how to bring it to you once you throw it away. Every dog needs discipline and proper training. If your dog likes to chew, buy a chewing doll. Dogs are very smart and will engage in every activity until they lose attention, which will happen if the game is boring or you are not focused.

Keep your dog under control

The most important thing is to be able to monitor your dog’s behavior. This can be achieved by purchasing a specially designed dog monitor. FitBark allows you to track dog’s activities, sleep, and track its vitals. Anything out of the ordinary and you would be able to see that change in the data. And the best part is – you will get a message on your smartphone. Yes, you can check on your dog while being apart and ensure that everything is alright. There are also a few programs that might help you rehabilitate your dog after a surgery or an injury or sickness.

Proper food for proper health

Dogs love to eat. Because they are active 24/7, their bodies burn a lot of energy during the day and they need to replenish it every few hours. That is why you need to take good care of your dog and feed it properly. Not with the food from your table, but with a specially designed food for dogs. Dog Food Advisor can be a great starting point to help you look for good foods or to check the nutritional value of your current food.

Flea and Tick Awareness

Even though it gets cooler in the fall and winter, depending on where you live, fleas and ticks can still present an issue for your dog. Nexgard chews for dogs are not only delicious, but your dog will love them for yet another reason: they provide flea and tick protection. Basically, these chews when eaten produce afoxolaner that kills adult fleas before they lay eggs. For the next 30 days, you don’t have to worry about them returning, nor ticks. How cool is that?

Teaching your dog a few new tricks and creating new activities will definitely enhance the bond between the two of you. Days will go by faster, and before you know it your dog will be running in the backyard again. Make the most out of incoming cold days and engage in mutual activities with your bestie.