Taking care of a dog thoroughly enriches your quality of life. When you provide a loving home for a dog, you don’t just benefit the dog who you take care of, you make your life better as well. If you have children, a dog is one of the greatest gifts that you can give them. They’ll learn about love, caring, and responsibility. Everyone in your household will enjoy spending time with their furry family member. You want to do everything possible to give your dog the best possible quality of life and most attentive care that you can. Here are a couple of the most important ways that you and your family can provide the highest caliber of care to ensure that your dog has a long and happy and healthy life with you.

Feed Your Dog Well

Feeding your dog the best possible diet is a key component of caring for his or her well-being. High quality food that’s kept refrigerated and fresh is becoming the standard for discerning pet owners and the preferred choice of every breed. Try an all-natural fresh food such as Farmer’s dog food. In contrast to heavily processed canned and packaged dry foods, there are no fillers, byproducts, or artificial flavors. You’ll notice an appreciable difference in how much you dog enjoys his or her food. You’ll likely also see a positive difference in your dog’s physical and mental well-being.

Help Your Dog Get Lots of Exercise

Depending on what breed of dog you have, he or she may have high energy and exercise needs. You need to let your dog release energy and exercise as much as needed in order to maintain good physical health. Running around and getting exercise is what a lot of dogs were built for. If they don’t have the opportunity to run and be active, they likely won’t be healthy or well-adjusted. Pent-up energy can cause a dog to act out and even exhibit behavioral problems. In some instances, you may even see your dog try to make a break for it and run away on occasion. Escape attempts don’t happen because your dog wants to run away from you but rather simply just wants to run. Your dog is merely following a natural instinct for exercise and exploration.

Prioritize Playtime

All dog owners need to give their dogs lots of opportunity to play and have fun. Share the responsibility of playing with your dog with your whole household. Your dog loves to play and also loves to spend time with you and your family; combining those two things will make your dog ecstatic. Moreover, it’s always fun to watch your dog having fun. When you’re not having the greatest day, seeing your dog doing his or her thing and enjoying some playtime can help to turn your day right around.

Feeding your dog well and helping your dog stay active will significantly enhance his or her well-being. When you make your dog’s health and happiness a priority, it will ultimately have a big effect on his or quality of life.