Switzerland ranks highest in terms of dog activity, by a lot. 1,454 BarkPoints separate the Swiss from the Irish. But what gives Switzerland their edge?

For starters, Switzerland is ranked as the happiest nation in the world according to the World Happiness Report. Data compiled for USA Today lists Switzerland as the third healthiest country in the world.

So Switzerland’s people are happy and healthy, but what about Swiss dogs?

In Switzerland, your dog can tag along with you anywhere you go. They’re allowed on public transportation. Larger dogs pay half fare and small dogs that can ride in a bag or a lap get a lift for free.

Dogs are welcome in a majority of restaurants and hotels. The Swiss aren’t worried about which places have patios or whether or not the hotel will look the other way if a furry occupant is in the room.

The Swiss also take dog ownership very seriously. Before owning a dog, you must take two courses. The first is theoretical and the second class, which must be taken for each dog, is practical.

Each canton and township has specific rules about dogs, which vary, so it’s important for potential owners to know their local policies.

It’s possible that all the craziest, point-mongering dogs are hiding out in Switzerland, shifting the points higher, but we know the honorable Swiss mountain dogs and Swiss mountain Chihuahuas would never stoop to that.

We know the Swiss are innovative – numbers from the European Patent Organization put Switzerland at the top of patents filed per capita, making FitBark a natural pairing for the tech-savvy Swiss.

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