Are you thinking about pet insurance for your dog (or cat) and wondering whether it’s worth the cost? Pet insurance might seem like an unnecessary extra, but there are lots of good reasons to get it.

Reason #1: You’re a Responsible Pet Owner

The biggest reason to get pet insurance is that you want to be a good, responsible pet owner who has your pet’s best interests at heart. Maybe you already have plenty of toys for them, spend lots of time with them, and even have fresh food for your pet delivered. Pet insurance is just another way to make sure they’re always well cared for.

While you might have enough money in the bank to cover unexpected vet bills, you never know when another crisis might happen alongside your pet falling ill or being injured. You don’t want to face difficult choices like delaying seeking treatment for your pet because you’re also paying for some expensive home repairs. In a worst case scenario, you might even need to have your pet put to sleep because you can’t afford their ongoing treatment.

Reason #2: You Want Peace of Mind

Many pet owners opt for pet insurance because it gives them peace of mind. If you find yourself lying awake at night worrying about financial problems or worrying about your pets being hurt, then having pet insurance can provide some much-needed reassurance.

Even though you might not anticipate needing to use your pet insurance policy very often, having it in place can help you enjoy having a pet without needing to worry about the possibility of being unable to afford to treat an injury or illness.

Reason #3: Your Pet Has a Hereditary Condition

You might think that if your pet has a hereditary condition, they won’t be covered by any pet insurance policies. But some companies do cover pets with hereditary conditions, so it’s well worth exploring your options.

Don’t rule out pet insurance because you think it won’t be suitable for you, or that your pet won’t be eligible – whether that’s because of a hereditary condition, their age, or their breed. You can easily compare pet insurance companies to find the best cover for your pet and your circumstances.

Reason #4: You’re Worried About Your Pet Going Missing or Being Stolen

Most people assume that pet insurance just covers medical costs, but you can also get pet insurance that will help if your pet goes missing – or even if they’re stolen. You may be able to get help toward the cost of advertising your lost pet, or toward offering a reward for their safe return.

Again, this can give you some additional much-needed peace of mind if you worry a lot about your pet going missing or being taken. If the worst should happen, you’ll have the financial support to hopefully bring your pet safely home.

Reason #5: You May Find it Hard to Put Aside Money Exclusively for Your Pet

Some pet owners choose to “self insure” by putting aside money to cover unexpected vet bills. For instance, they might save a set amount of money monthly into an account that they plan only to use for their pet’s treatment.

The difficulty with this approach is that you need to be very self-disciplined to make it work. What if you face other financial difficulties? It’s very tempting to dip into the “pet insurance” fund to pay for, say, repairs to your home – but you might then have a huge vet’s bill only a month or two later. Pet insurance means that you’ll always be ready for your pet being ill or injured, whatever else is going on in your life.

Reason #6: You Want Your Pet to Have a Great Quality of Life into Old Age

It can be hard to insure pets as they get older, as your premiums are likely to be high (since older dogs and cats are more likely to require veterinary care). It’s well worth thinking ahead and purchasing a lifetime pet insurance policy while your pet is still young.

This helps make sure that your pet will have a great quality of life well into old age, even if they need regular or unexpected veterinary treatment. You won’t face the heartbreaking decision of whether or not to put your pet down because the vet bills are so high.

Reason #7: You May Want Liability Insurance for Your Dog

Some types of pet insurance offer liability insurance – this means you’re covered if your dog injures someone or damages someone’s property, and the person sues. 

Whether or not you’re likely to need this type of insurance depends on your dog’s breed and temperament, and to some extent on your lifestyle and circumstances. For instance, if you have a small yard with fences that your dog could potentially breach or jump, and you’re worried about them damaging neighbors’ property, then you may want to get liability insurance for peace of mind.

How Pet Insurance Can Save Your Dog or Cat 

There are lots of ways in which pet insurance can help your dog or cat, or even save their life.

Most obviously, pet insurance will cover unexpected medical costs. If your pet is injured in an accident, you can take them straight to the vet without worrying about how you’ll afford it.

Pet insurance will also cover illness. If your pet has any worrying symptoms, you won’t need to worry about whether to delay seeking treatment until you’re in a better financial position. Getting veterinary care quickly could potentially save your pet’s life.

There are also other ways in which pet insurance could save your dog or cat. For instance, if they go missing, your insurance plan might pay for the costs of advertising (or even offering a reward) for their safe return.

Ultimately, pet insurance is likely to be the right choice for most pet owners. It gives you peace of mind, helps you avoid financial headaches, and makes sure that your pet can live a long and happy life.