Humans started to domesticate wolves around 130,000 years ago. Since this time the wolf has gone on to become the most diverse species on the planet. Despite the enormous phenotypical differences between dog breeds, every single one of them is still a wolf at heart. We welcome dogs into our lives because we want them to be part of our family. We are connected from the dawn of humanity and just as we view them as adopted offspring, they view us as their pack. It is no surprise then that many dogs love to run with humans and enjoy exercise in a group. Families who care about their dogs like to get them their own fitness trackers so they can keep an eye on how much they actually are doing. Who should our pets look up to as role models? Here are some ideas:

Bringing A Warning Or Rescue Without Stopping

Nearly two and a half centuries ago Soter and 49 other dogs stood watch over ancient Greece. When invaders attacked Soter, the last surviving dog ran all the way to the city of Corinth to warn them.

But Soter is far from alone in his heroism. Balto, a Siberian Husky, led a 650 mile expedition from Neana to Nome bringing with him the Diptheria serum. His incredible perseverance and courage saved countless lives.

Climbing down stairs may not seem much of an athletic feat for a human or canine but when the trip is down 78 flights of stairs, and the date is September 11, 2001, you realise how special Roselle was. Her owner, Michael Hingson was trapped until Roselle helped to guide him down an incredibly long walk to freedom and safety.

Doggy Adventurers

When your doggy companion takes one look at the weather and carefully hangs up their own lead before returning to lie by the fire, think of this pair of adventurers. Titinia isn’t just a great adventurer but the 10 inch marvel is also a hero. On her greatest adventure the plucky canine happened across a Polar Bear and without hesitated it barked the creature down. Titinia went on to become the first dog to reach the North Pole. Rupee had 100% less Polar Bears to worry about on his adventure but still this rescue dog had a heck of an adventure. Whilst no dog has climbed Everest, Rupee has gone the furthest up it, 17,000 feet up!

Long Distance Runners

Bobbie got separated from his owners in 1923 but unfortunately he was 2,500 miles away from home. It took six months to complete but little Bobbie finally was reunited with his family once he had completed the most mega of all marathons. Poor Bobbie was in a terrible state after his run but he made it and found his family.

Ludivine, on the other hand, was perfectly fine after her little run. The 2.5 year old bloodhound just up and decided one day to have fun accompanying a half marathon as it ran through her town. The dog, described by her owners as lazy, managed to finish 7th on the day and raised the spirits of everyone.

Dogs love to run and they especially love to run in a pack. Our loyal companions see us totally as surrogate wolves and they will do anything to protect that bond. Doggy athletes come in all shapes and sizes but everyone of them had a huge heart full of love.